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Learn how to style your home with confidence with this interior decor book

Your home may already be a treasure trove of unique decor pieces, here’s how to style them

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By House & Garden South Africa | August 28, 2023 | Interiors

This interiors book is a timeless piece of art that shows you how to transform your living spaces, making use of what you own and love. While designing can be a big investment, styling allows you to elevate your spaces with what you already possess.

“Style: The Art of Creating a Beautiful Home”

Tapping style at home comes from a clear understanding of who you are, writes author and interior stylist, Natalie Walton. Image: Supplied

Style is not only beautiful and practical but also demystifies the creative process of styling, so you can create a gorgeous home with confidence. Based on more than a decade of industry experience and teaching, this book will show you how to connect with your personal style and enjoy inspiring, welcoming and authentic interiors. Styling is an art and a science – and you can easily learn both. Author and renowned interior stylist Natalie Walton steps through significant rooms in the house to provide expert insider insights on how you can create magical styling moments in your home.

A short extract from Style:

‘Our relationship with style is complicated. At times it might appear vacuous, a little too surface focused. Certainly, when it comes to creating a home, it can feel as if there are many more important decisions to make. But if you don’t have a clear understanding of who you are, and how to express that in your home, it’s easy to become distracted and create what you think is appropriate rather than what is meaningful. This can lead not only to costly mistakes but also to a home that doesn’t feel like you.

And, whether you’re working by yourself or engaging the services of a design professional, getting a clear idea of your style is the first and most important step in any project. It should be a priority before you start making any design decisions, sourcing or spending. Taking the time to understand your style and become intimate with your own visual vocabulary creates a foundation that will be your anchor in the most intense times and be your guide through unexpected turns on the journey to creating a home.’

“Style: The Art of Creating a Beautiful Home” will show you how to connect personal style with creative, authentic interiors. Image: supplied