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4 Amazing small kitchen decor ideas to try now

Here is how you can elegantly decorate a smaller kitchen space - creativity is your friend

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By Kauthar Gool | June 13, 2023 | Kitchen

If you’ve moved into a new place with a smaller kitchen space, you may be struggling to think of how to effectively decorate the room while maintaining both functionality and style. You, ideally, don’t want to create a cluttered space where you’re bumping into furniture, which could be terrible for the overall feng shui of the space.

However, you may not want the kitchen to look bare either. If you need top decor tips to give your kitchen an aesthetically pleasing appeal, we’ve got your back.

1. Make use of wall space

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Should you have fewer cupboards and drawers to store your essentials, make use of the space on your walls to incorporate floating shelves, and add-ons, where it makes sense to do so. Remember, you don’t want your kitchen to be too cluttered, therefore it is important to be strategic in the placement of items to ensure that messiness is avoided.

2. Try a minimalist look

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If your kitchen is smaller and fewer items can be placed therein, why don’t you embrace that fact and go for a chic, minimalist aesthetic? Have your counters pristine with only a few items placed thereon. There is no need to hide certain appliances you use daily, such as your toaster or kettle, but just ensure that the space is clean and not filled to the brim with miscellaneous items.

3. Find the right table or island

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Integrate a table or island into your kitchen that fits well. You don’t want to be bumping into the corner of a sharp table when you are in the space. Consider the functionality of the room and your needs before incorporating any furnishings.

4. Play around with textures

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A wonderful way to add to the overall flow of the space and integrate diversity therein is to amalgamate diverse textures and fabrics. Juxtapose patterned wallpaper with plain, neutral-coloured cabinetry. Add natural wood and colourful chairs. It’s important to consider your budget, but be creative and play around as far as possible. The space is yours, so enjoy it.