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5 beautiful bathroom interior decor ideas for an amazing modern aesthetic

Create the perfect modern bathroom of your dreams now by following these tips

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By Kauthar Gool | May 22, 2023 | Bathroom

A bathroom can often be the most luxurious place within a home. There are diverse ways to create the bathroom of your dreams, as illustrated in the latest issue of House and Garden SA. A full renovation can be quite demanding, and therefore, having a plan beforehand is essential. Below, we’ve presented five tips on how you can create the perfect modern aesthetic within your bathroom.

1. Add a floating vanity

Floating shelves are a top design trend. Image: Unsplash

Floating bathroom vanities are a top design trend. If your place is smaller, the space at the bottom of your cabinets can offer extra storage. These modern cabinets will give your bathroom a gorgeously clean aesthetic.

2. Incorporate a deep luxurious bath

A bathoom with an exquisite standalone bathtub. Image: Pexels

Integrate a statement bathtub into your space. For a chic look, you could even have a standalone bathroom setup with the tub as the central part of the room. This will create a wonderfully oasis-like feeling in your room and could work well if you do not like cluttered, busy spaces.

3. Create a spa-like space

Create a spa-like appeal in your bathroom. Image: Pexels

Make your bathroom a room of luxury by transforming it into a space where you could relax, read your favourite book, paint your nails, or spend time with other self-care activities. Wouldn’t it be amazing to listen to music as you do your skincare? Ideally, you want to create an overall feeling of relaxation and decadence with the spa appeal.

4. Natural materials

Add natural wood to a bathroom. Image: Unsplash

Use more natural woods and rustic surfaces within your bathroom to give it a deliciously contemporary appeal. This would work particularly well if you are going for an outdoorsy look in your bathroom.

5. Have different textures

A beautiful textured bathroom. Image: Pexels

Add a sense of variety by incorporating various textures into your bathroom. Blend terracotta with exposed brick. Don’t be afraid of juxtaposing textures – there is no need for everything in your place to match.