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5 fantastic eco-friendly bathroom decor tips, using natural materials is 1

Make your bathroom more eco-friendly with these trendy tips - natural is the way to go

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By Kauthar Gool | April 27, 2023 | Bathroom

Eco-friendly bathrooms are currently a top design trend. From incorporating natural woods and stone, to using reclaimed, rustic materials into your space, there are various ways to decorate a bathroom to create an air of class while being mindful of sustainability.

Our latest issue of House & Garden, which features an eclectic mix of stunning kitchens and bathrooms, is also a must-read if you’re interested in sprucing up your space. If you are looking to create a more environmentally friendly look in your home, we have five perfect tips for you.

1. Use natural materials

Integrating natural wood or stone in your bathroom will give the space a wonderfully finished look. Ceramics, mosaics, and reused glass are also healthy, long-lasting options that will give the room a touch of elegance. There are many styles to choose from depending on whether you are interested in a more modern, clean aesthetic or want to infuse classical elements or a maximalist look in your bathroom.

2. Plants are a must in bathrooms

Having a beautiful plant or two in your bathroom is as sustainable as it gets. You don’t have to overpower the space with greenery – having one or two plants or blooms should do the trick. Plants are also excellent sources of oxygen, making them a beautiful and healthy decor option.

3. Embrace the rustic look

Using reclaimed or recycled items will give your bathroom more character. Don’t be afraid of leaving things as they are – that exposed brick you are so eager to paint over might just give your bathroom the chic, edgy atmosphere you are looking for.

4. Low-flow toilet, showerhead, and faucets

Make your bathroom look and feel more sustainable by saving water and energy. Installing toilets, showerheads, and faucets that are low-flow are effective ways to do this. Keep the style without the waste.

5. Use eco-friendly lights

Using eco-friendly lighting fixtures is another way to save electricity and to be mindful of your carbon footprint, and with loadshedding evermore present in South Africa, this has become pertinent. There are various lighting styles to choose from to make your space as calm or inviting as you want it to be.