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Watch 3 oddly satisfying videos of people tidying up their bedrooms

Feel inspired by these strangely satisfying TikTok videos of people sprucing up their bedrooms

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By Kauthar Gool | April 19, 2023 | Bedroom

There is something strangely addictive about watching online videos of people organising their bedrooms. Maybe it’s the effortless way they manage to cram three hours’ worth of cleaning into a short one-minute video – though editing, of course – that leaves us intrigued.

After watching a clip of a spritely individual tidying up their space, you may feel an odd sense of motivation to give your room a spring clean. Sadly, however, all too often, the level of enthusiasm we had to improve our living quarters disappears as quickly as the urge arose. The trick is to never give up and look at small gains and improvements in your abode!

To get your spirits up, and provide you with some motivation to take the first step in your room transformation journey, we compiled some fantastically satisfying TikTok videos of people sprucing up their bedrooms.

1. The much-needed tidy

@kelsienesseleemans ☀️☀️☀️ #cleanmyroomwithme #cleanwithme #cleaning #cleantok #cleaningmybedroom #bedroom #cleaningmotivation ♬ Just a Cloud Away - Pharrell Williams

This bedroom was clearly in need of some tender love and care! From the clothes lying all over the floor to the packets and energy drink cans all around, it must have taken a few hours to get the space to look as tidy as it did in the final segments of the clip. Great job by @kelsienesseleemans for making the room look as tidy and organised as it did when she completed the job!

2. Make your bed look cosy

@jcdesign1.1 MAKE MY BED WITH ME 🤍 #bedroomideas #sundayreset #bedroomdecor #bedroomdesign #bedroominspo #bedroommakeover #bedroomcheck #walldecor #homedecor #diyhomedecor #homedecorideas #bedwars #storage ♬ Fake ID X Walking On A Dream Carter Walsh Remix - CarterWalsh

Featuring warmer colours that are perfect for winter, @jcdesign1.1 showed how she effortlessly makes her bed, with the entire bedroom looking incredibly atmospheric, inviting, and cosy. The gorgeous, dark ochre bedding and throw blanket placed on the bed make the space look even more inviting.

3. Cleaning bedroom carpets

@atheena_lynn Vacuumed my room countless times and I could still somehow pick up the scent of dog. Realized the carpet needed a good wash. Please excuse the fact that I look like a stagehand lol #springclean #carpetcleaning #cleanroom #bedroom ♬ Miss Independent - Ne-Yo

It’s so amazing how @atheena_lynn effortlessly moved all the furniture from her bedroom to clean the carpets. The way that machine glided across the floor was just so satisfying. After the deep carpet cleanse, when all the items were placed back in the room, the entire space looked completely refreshed.