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3 fantastic ways to take great care of your garden during the colder months

If you're looking to spruce up your garden during the colder seasons, we have the perfect tips for you

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By Kauthar Gool | April 19, 2023 | Gardens

The days are getting chillier, mornings are cooler, and leaves are falling from their trees. There is something so beautiful about autumn. This season screams renewal, growth, and transformation in abundance. Change is happening all around and nature is responding accordingly.

However, this period, while symbolic in its gorgeousness, is also a time when many tend to ignore their gardens. With the days starting to get colder, it’s no surprise that most people are not eager to spend time outdoors. That being said, taking care of your plants and preventing your garden from being overgrown is vital to avoid you having to do a massive job when the warmer days inevitably return in a few months. If you’re unsure about where to start with your garden care for autumn and winter, we’ve got your back and have a few simple tips that can make all the difference in your space.

1. Get rid of weeds and clear up dead plants

Make sure to clear away all the weeds in your space. This is very important because these unwanted wildflowers can take away sunlight and nutrients from the plants you want to nurture. Weeds and diseased plants can also accumulate fungi, pests, and diseases, which may negatively impact your garden.

2. Prepare your soil

Take good care of your soil, it will bring great rewards for spring, when the blooms start! Knowing the type of soil you have is important for you to know what sort of tender love and care it deserves and how to prepare the ground for any plants you want to add. It is also vital to add fertilizer to enrich your soil.

3. Give your trees some pampering

Trim your trees and shrubs and try to water them regularly to ensure they have an easier time during autumn and winter. Employing screens or shade cloth shelters for your young evergreens to prevent them from being exposed to the cold winds is also a great way to protect them.