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3 Satisfying ASMR kitchen restocking videos we can't get enough of

ASMR kitchen organising videos that are satisfying to watch

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By Kauthar Gool | June 8, 2023 | Kitchen

There is something so deliciously addictive about watching someone restocking their kitchens. From the delightful sounds of packaging being opened to the satisfying noises of the various treats and products being poured and sealed into containers – we are absolutely obsessed.

While it may seem superfluous to empty all your food from its packaging into air-tight containers, doing this will not only help your items last longer but will also ensure that your kitchen is aesthetically pleasing with uniform packaging present throughout.

Here are three kitchen restocking ASMR videos we cannot get enough of. Who knows, they might motivate you to create a more organised atmosphere in your space too. Be inspired to restock your fridge, pantry, or cleaning cabinets today.

1. Restock sweets ASMR

@live_simply_aesthetic Are you team Chocolate or Chewy Candy? 💛 #restockasmr #oddlysatisfying #asmrvideo #asmr #asmrsounds #satisfying #fyp #restock #restocking #organization #kitchen #organizedhome #candy #candyrestock #restockwithme #bestof #candytok ♬ original sound - b&c aesthetic

There is something so delightful about watching 10 months’ worth of candy being neatly packed inside airtight containers. However, for many of us, keeping that many treats inside our kitchens without consistently nibbling on them would be a challenge!

2. Fridge restock

@malloryhudsonxo Its fridge restock day!💗✨ #fridgerestock #fridgerestockday #fridgerestockasmr #restockinggroceries #restockwithme #restocktiktok #restockingvideos ♬ original sound - Mallory Hudson

There is nothing better than watching a fridge go from being empty to full (and well organised) in under a minute. So many of us wish we could organise our fridges, but the task often seems incredibly daunting. From unpacking the space, to disinfecting the shelves, and then re-organising the fridge – it is certainly no picnic, but very necessary for the health of your family. Be inspired by TikTok user, @malloryhudsonxo for your next fridge deep-clean and restock.

3. Cleaning products organisation

@ash__guzman Cleaning Supplies Organization Part1 #fyp #restock #asmrrestock #refill #foryou #asmr #cleaningsupplies #undersinkorganization #cleaningproductstorage #cleaningproductsorganization ♬ original sound - Ash Guzman

Having your cleaning products easily on hand is a great way to not only organise your space but to encourage you to keep the space spotless, with items easily accessible, pleasant to look at, and not cluttering your kitchen counters.