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Fiery red and 3 other colours to create a warmer look in any living room

Incorporate these shades into your living room to give your space a warmer feel

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By Kauthar Gool | May 8, 2023 | Living Room

Winter is coming, and as such, many people will be looking to create a warmer feeling in their living spaces. Aside from incorporating stylish throws on your sofas and lighting up the fireplace, there are specific colours you can use to give your living room a cosier, more welcoming look. These colours are not only suitable for the chillier seasons, but can also be used to give your living room a more elegant, homely aesthetic.

1. Pops of red

A bold red couch is perfect to create a warm aesthetic. Image: Instagram/jolauriedesign .

While red can be quite bold, incorporating varying shades of this colour into your space can create a spectacularly warm atmosphere in your living room. If you’re not looking to overpower your place with a red wall or more striking decor choices, opt for subtler touches, such as wall art or a bold couch cushion or two.

2. Sandy beige

A modern-looking sandy beige living room. Image: Instagram/notesofcolour.

This hue has undertones of yellow and is a naturally warmer colour. Being a neutral shade, sandy beige can also be incorporated into any living room and will likely not clash with any existing decor theme that you have flowing throughout your space. If you’re looking to give your living room a classier appeal, this colour will work well.

3. Plaster pink

The warmer tones in plaster pink make is perfect for winter. Image: Instagram/ixinguptheforever .

Plaster pink is another new neutral that is a hot home decor trend at the moment. With undertones of red and grey, this colour is warm and can give any living room a softer atmosphere. Integrating this colour works excellently when you have softer lighting in your space.

4. Warmer brown tones

A gorgeous living area with rich, brown tones. Photograph by Douglas Friedman.

With warm, earthy undertones, variations of brown are a wonderful treat for any living room. Should you not desire a harsher, brown tone to paint your walls, incorporate the colour in the furniture or decorative items placed within the room. A bold brown, leather couch or lounger could be perfect.