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Plaster pink and 2 other popular colours are replacing grey as a neutral

Wonderful new neutrals to add pops of colour to your home

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By Kauthar Gool | April 28, 2023 | Trends

Neutral shades are often the safest options to use in any home. From beige to grey, and even softer variations of white – these palettes are soothing for the soul and give an abode a relaxed atmosphere. However, having a neutral theme in a home or certain spaces therein does not mean the place should be dull or devoid of colour in any sense.

There are gorgeous muted shades that could give your home a pop of colour and character without necessarily incorporating brighter shades, which you may purposefully be steering clear of, in your place. While grey is, indeed, a highly popular and versatile neutral, there are other options you can incorporate in your home.

1. Light blue for an oceanic neutral

Shades of pale blue can be utilised just as effectively as a grey or any white colour in your home. This palette is a wonderful option for anyone who has a taste for monochromatic colour schemes. Employing this colour effectively could give your space a touch of serenity and an oceanic atmosphere without overpowering any area where it is used.

2. Chalky yellow as a gender-neutral

When many people think of yellow, the term ‘neutral’ is probably the last thing on their minds. However, there is a way to incorporate this shade in your home or certain rooms therein without producing an overly bright, austere atmosphere that over-stimulates the senses. Chalky yellow is a wonderful variation and a popular choice in gender-neutral nurseries.

3. Plaster pink for a warmer neutral

With just the right amount of red undertones, this shade has the potential to create warmth within any home. Plaster pink can lift any space while creating soft vibrancy and an air of relaxation.