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6 Ways to turn your bedroom into an Instaworthy escape

These simple changes will have you feeling like you’re waking up in a five-star hotel every day

By House & Garden South Africa | September 30, 2021 | Bedroom

We’re in the season of change and fresh perspectives so we are all on the lookout for quick and easy ways to update our living spaces. Retailer @home and Cape Town-based premium bedding, duvet and pillow business, Granny Goose, have shared their tips and tricks that will give you the 5-star hotel bed feeling at home. Check them out below.

You can’t go wrong with white linen

The crisp, clean look of white linen will give any room that 5-star feel of indulgent luxury.

The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet

Most luxury sheets are made with 100% cotton with a 300 thread count or higher. The higher the thread count the smoother and softer the sheet will be.

Use a down duvet with a cotton duvet cover

A light, puffy, down duvet with a pure cotton duvet cover is one of the secrets to a blissful night’s sleep. The natural fibres are breathable which regulates your body temperature and prevents overheating.

Add as many pillows as you can

All the best hotels are normally equipped with two to four down pillows, two fibre filled pillows, and perhaps a few decorative ones as well.

Let your lighting set the mood

Many hotels use lights with warm-coloured bulbs in a lower wattage to keep the room cosy. This kind of lighting is great for helping the brain relax and prepare for a better night’s rest.

Make your bedside table an oasis

Your bedside table may be there to hold essentials for your nightly ritual, but it must also look like a beautiful accent for the room. To do this, take away any clutter you have, keep only what you need and add one decorative piece like a plant or a candle.