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The best and worst colours to paint your bedroom

Seeking a good night’s sleep? Don’t let your paint job stand in the way of a restful slumber

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By Vogue UK | September 15, 2021 | Bedroom

The power of colour to affect our mood is a well-documented phenomenon—just ask Dulux, Pantone and virtually any colour therapist you can name. As you know, entire forecasts are built around the notion of influential shades that will be trending each year, with predictions always making huge waves in the design industry.

Thus it stands to reason that choosing a shade for your home’s interiors isn’t something to be rushed. Certainly, the right hue can make or break room, but did you know it can also entirely affect your senses and wellbeing? And nowhere is this more important than in your bedroom, says home expert Stuart Clarke from “Your bedroom should be a space of tranquility and peace if you’re hoping to get a good night's sleep,” he says. Below, we’ve tapped him to explain the best and worst colours to paint your bedroom.

The best

The best colours to decorate your bedroom are natural, muted colours that don’t evoke too many senses. Greens, blues and soft tones such as blush pink are perfect for helping you relax.

Khaki green

The colour green represents nature, growth, and fertility, which is a great choice when decorating your bedroom. Recreate the calmness of the outdoors with a rich khaki green on your bedroom walls. You can also add green into your bedroom by adding plants, which also have added health benefits.

Picture: Unsplash


One of the best colours for a bedroom, not only is it muted, but blue has also been proven to have calming effects on the brain—perfect for a smooth tuck-in! Most shades of blue create a tranquil atmosphere, however, for a more peaceful night's sleep a lighter shade of blue will have the best effect.


A soft pastel pink can create a relaxing space in your bedroom. Blush pink has been having its moment since 2020, and this mood-lifting colour not only creates a positive atmosphere but also creates a feeling of softness that every bedroomshould have. Stick to pale and soft pinks as bright pinks will boost alertness.

The worst

When picking colours for your bedroom, stay away from bright colours like red and bright purple; and moody colours such as dark grey. Your bedroom needs to be tranquil and calm, and these colours will increase the energy levels or make it uninviting.


Red has connotations of danger and has been found to increase brain activity and boost alertness, so stay away from this colour if you want a peaceful night's sleep. As seen above, a single splash of red is probably a safer option.

Picture: Unsplash

Dark grey

Although light grey can be soothing and an ok choice for a bedroom, steel grey and dark grey can seem cold and depressing. Avoid using cool darker greys in your bedroom, as this will brew an uninviting atmosphere. Above, the light grey awash on the walls in this bedroom is a more soothing option for your sleeping zone.

Bright purple

As bright purple has red undertones it increases energy levels and keeps you alert, which is the opposite of what you want when going to sleep. If you really want a purple bedroom, opt for a muted tone such as lavender, like that in the room above, since it has cooler undertones.

Written by Yeong Sassall.

This article originally appeared on Vogue Living Australia.