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3 emerging kitchen design trends to keep an eye on in 2023

The data comes from an industry report completed by Atlas Ceramics, based on Google searches and other social media metrics

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By House & Garden | July 13, 2023 | Kitchen

As the Southern hemisphere settles into the full flush of winter, chances are we’ll be finding ourselves in the kitchen with more frequency, cosying up in the hearth of the home with soup on the stove and vegetables in the oven. For those of us considering a renovation—or a simple kitchen facelift—to coincide with the seasonal changes, UK tiling label Atlas Ceramics has published their annual Kitchen Trends Index for 2023, containing a wealth of data derived from social media metrics about the kitchen designs currently making waves.

The buzziest trend overall, according to their report? Moving the kitchen outdoors, which, over the last year, has accumulated over 2.18 million Google searches and 71.7 million TikTok views. In terms of colour, trending palettes were light and fresh. Classic white came out on top, boasting over 132,500 annual Google searches and 70.2 million TikTok views, while grey and green followed suit respectively. In the realm of general aesthetics, modern kitchens—minimal and sleek cabinetry and surfaces associated with a contemporary style—reigned supreme, though a rise in the popularity of farmhouse-inspired and Scandinavian-style kitchens suggest homeowners are always in the market for rustic warmth.

When it comes down to Google specifically, however, three key trends emerged, and demonstrated a staggering year-on-year growth in annual searches. Below, discover the design trends for kitchens you need to know in 2023, according to Google.

Photograph by Olga Fradina

Metallic kitchen units

With a 51 per cent increase in Google searches, metallic kitchen units have seen the biggest increase in interest as we navigate 2022. Beloved for its versatility and range—gold, silver and copper finishes work well alongside a variety of stones and shades—incorporating even a singular metallic accent in your kitchen space is an effective way to create contrast, and play with light.

Photograph supplied by ARRCC

Kitchen zoning

Coming in second was the trend of kitchen zoning, which enjoyed a 40 per cent increase in Google searches. Don’t confuse this with an open-plan design. Atlas Ceramics describes this as ‘broken-plan’, a layout that fosters the illusion of space, but in reality divides the kitchen space into designated areas—for cooking, dining, relaxing and more.

Photograph sourced from Decaholic

Chequerboard floors

Chequerboard flooring saw a 33 per cent increase in Google searches year-on-year, making it the third and final emerging design trend. There’s a distinctly retro vibe about chequered flooring, but mixing and matching colours and materials will offer you a broader range of styles—those with more classic tastes may choose to opt for a damask black and white, while others might experiment with tonal shades, for example, or even a cream and maroon.

Words by Gladys Lai

This article was originally published on Vogue Australia

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