Kitchen Design Trends

Blu_line is a specialist kitchen-architecture company that creates custom-designed and locally manufactured kitchens that support every aspect of modern life. For 15 years the company has worked towards becoming a lead crafter when it comes to designing high-end modern kitchens that boast both aesthetic appeal and ergonomic functionality. Here brand director Philip Richards shares his thoughts on the latest kitchen trends with House & Garden.


What are important aspects that go into designing a kitchen?

We choose to focus on a relational approach. This ensures that every person using the kitchen’s varying functions has a pleasant and efficient experience. In terms of materials, we vary textures to give the space a warm aesthetic.


Are there any fresh approaches to the look and feel of this space?

The main trend has been towards open-plan living and a general less-is-more approach to look and feel. The kitchen is the anchor of the home, so it needs to be uncluttered, while the textures and colours used need to reflect the rest of the home’s interior-design language.


What innovative new materials are being used in kitchen design?

Etched aluminium and timber veneers offer a new tactile experience. Glass doors are another new expression, offering the perfect contrast to stone countertops. The most important thing is to keep it personal.