7 Things Every 30-Something Should Have

Words by Sydney Wasswerman, AD, Clever


When you go out on your own in your 20s, it’s all about experimenting: buying cheap thrills, attempting ambitious DIY projects, and, most likely, moving to different homes every few years. Then you enter your 30s and things seem to fall into place. You know where you want to live, you have learned from your messy mistakes of the last decade, and you likely have a clear idea of what your decor style really is. While this doesn’t mean you have to clear the slate of everything in your home that was acquired in your 20s, there are certain things that every grown-up house should have. Use this guide as a checklist to evaluate how mature your home is.


A Solid Mattress

The lifespan of a is about 10 to 12 years, so whatever you’ve been lugging from apartment to apartment in your 20s is ready to be tossed. Plus, something special happens as you grow older: It becomes harder and harder to get a good night’s sleep—even more reason to invest in the mattress of your dreams. Consider one that is made of natural elements and breathes to keep your body temp regulated throughout the night.


Image: Tempur Beds


An investment chair

If you’re reading this, you’re probably somewhat of a design junkie and seeking special (read: pricey) home items that will hold their value over the years. If you’re decorating on a limited budget, your first big purchase should be an accent or side chair that you love. It is small enough to bring with you wherever you move and can be relocated to different parts of the home without breaking the flow.


Image: Courtesy of Moooi


Timeless serveware

It goes without saying that if you ever have company over to your home, you should be prepared with a proper table setting. And with your discerning 30-something eye, you should be able to identify designs you actually love that will last you through many home-cooked meals to come. The basic arsenal includes a set of salad and dinner plates, silverware, matching wine glasses and cloth napkins.


Image: CarrolBoyes.com


A place for books

Now that you’re older and wiser, consider displaying all of those reading materials that helped you get to where you are today. A bookshelf is an obvious answer, but there are a plethora of other ways to show off a growing library that will benefit to your home decor as well. See more here and here.


A green scheme

You’ve likely experimented with houseplants by now. Some may have lost their lives in the process. But now it’s time to take your flora scheme to the next level and plan a variety of plants, flowers, and branches around the house in a calculated way. And these days there’s no excuse to skimp on your greens: There are services that will drop a houseplant at your door, ways to make stunning bouquets from grocery-store flowers, easy ways to grow an indoor herb garden, and trendy succulents that can withstand negligence.



Something framed

There are more resources for affordable art then ever, so there’s no reason not to have something framed on your walls. If finding the right piece sends you spiraling, go with a piece of your own work; have a smartphone pic framed through one of the supereasy online services.


Image: NelsonMakamo.Everard-read.co.za


Kitchen essentials

Call these your power tools in the kitchen. A chef’s knife will not only make you look like a pro, it actually works immensely better than that starter knife set you may have had in your 20s. A cast-iron skillet takes your stovetop game to the next level when you’re making a meal. Even if cooking isn’t your thing, you should have a few go-to meal tricks up your sleeve, and the heat distribution of cast iron will cook them to perfection. A kettle is likely always on display on your stovetop, so invest in one with a great design. Appliances and tools should amplify your kitchen design, not bring it down.

Image: CapeCoffeeBeans.co.za


Feature image: Ember Ivory, Unsplash