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The latest interior trend: Bold statement blankets to cosy up with at home

Add an artsy feeling to any home and keep yourself and your guests warm... a pop of colour blanket might just be the one thing your home is missing

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By Vogue Czech Republic | March 29, 2023 | Living Room

This season, the fashion we see is all about colours and textures. The style set are strolling down the streets in jolts of colour and when it comes to embracing tonality, our interiors should not be an exception. During the colder season, we tend to change our colour palettes to darker hues. However, our homes should be the place that shines despite the winter darkness.

The - now classic - Hermès Avalon blanket has become an iconic interior piece since it first launched in 1988. With its timeless design and statement logo print it adds a luxurious touch that we all want in our homes, not to mention that the French fashion house sure knows how to produce sumptuous quality products. In recent years the Avalon has been accompanied by some great statement pieces including designs from the Danish textile and fabric brand Tekla. Tekla and Marimekko have become pioneers for more daring interior designs in Scandinavian homes.

Statement blankets work in most settings, either thrown on the bed, on an armchair or even adorning a wall. The options are endless. Some things are better left unsaid, so we will let the blankets talk for themselves.

Original article appeared on Vogue Scandanavia