Outdoor Furniture Inspiration


Getting the right look and feel for your outdoor entertaining area can be a bit tricky. It is important to use fabrics and textures that weather well and are easy to maintain but simultaneously exude luxury, opulence and home-sweet-home vibes. We have put together a list of basics and local items that will inspire your outdoor furniture selection.


The Sofa

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and elegant or holiday chic, the possibilities are endless with the vast variety of designs available on the market.


The Daybed

Cosy and inviting, a gorgeous day bed is a must have item for every patio or pool deck.


The Dining Table

The perfect fit and design is important for your outdoor entertaining area. Consider a dining table and chairs that are aesthetically pleasing and items that age/weather well.

Weekend, lovely furniture and a picturesque location👌🏼!

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The Shading

A bespoke outdoor umbrella or an original shading installation, the shade factor is important to consider for the hot days.

Sunday filled with relaxation. #funday feeling inspired.

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The Sun Lounger and Ottoman

Sleek and classic sun loungers and chic ottomans are outdoor patio and pool deck essentials.

The winning project by @_arrcc #weloveourtrade

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Featured Image: Isaac Benhesed, Unsplash