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3 Things to Consider When Designing Rooms for Kids

h Joy! founder Joy Cho tells us about the process of designing her daughters' rooms

By House & Garden South Africa | July 27, 2020 | Nursery Kids Room

Are you ready to see something super fun? I'm excited to show you a look behind the process of designing my kids' rooms. My girls (ages 4 and 7) currently share a room in the apartment we live in. In our new house, they will each have their own smaller room. But they love sharing so much that we've decided to have them share for a little while longer and let them split up later when they're ready. So, for now, one room will be their shared bedroom and one will be their play/craft room. Here's a little inspiration for the kids' rooms.

We'll be mixing in some pieces from their current room with some newer pieces. Overall, the two rooms will each look different and have their own personalities but feel connected in style (much like siblings!). I always like to have a base of neutrals like white, wood, and brass accented with the pops of colour. These two smaller rooms are connected by their shared bathroom.

Here are some things to consider when designing kids' rooms:

Design for longevity

If you're in a home that you hope to stay in for a while, bring in pieces that can evolve with your kids as they grow. For example, while we're getting a bunk bed for now, I chose a bunk bed that can easily separate and be used individually. In the play/craft room, we have two tables that will be pushed together initially, but they can later separate and bring one into each room to use as a desk for homework.

Custom elements that can be added in

With something like bunk beds, you're missing out on floor space for the top bunk to have a traditional night stand. So, consider adding a small lighting source and a place to hold books and other night time items with a smaller floating shelf.

Let your kids give input

My kids are generally okay with things I pick out for their rooms, but they still love being involved and getting to have a say in some things. For example, I have showed them wallpapers and paint colors to see what they like. There was a flamingo wallpaper I was initially thinking about for their room until my oldest daughter said, "Mommy, I really like it but wouldn't want it to be in the room I sleep in because I feel like the flamingoes would be staring at me all the time." Noted! And I saw that as a very relevant point and switched wallpapers!

This article was originally published on AD Clever | Author: Joy Cho

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