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#BabySussex: How Meghan and Harry can create a space for baby to grow

Parenting expert Sister Lilian has a few suggestions on how Meghan and Harry can create a sanctuary for baby and parents

By Iol Supplied | May 2, 2019 | Nursery Kids Room

With Baby Sussex well in its way, parenting expert Sister Lilian has a few suggestions on how Meghan and Harry can create a space for baby to grow.

A nursery room is more than just a place for your baby to sleep, it’s an essential space for them to grow, be happy and healthy. “Research has shown, that it is not advisable for baby to be left alone in a nursery room in their early months of life. 

"Attachment parenting is essential for emotional well-being, and bonding. This parenting style is easily built when there is zero separation between parent and child in the early months of life. Having said that, you and baby will spend a lot of time in the nursery, even if they only start sleeping there a few months down the line. So, it’s good to make the space feel like a sanctuary for them”, explains parenting and Pampers Institute Expert, Sister Lilian.

She provides the following interior tips when decorating a nursery for your baby:


Studies have shown that colour can have a psychological effect on people’s emotions. While parents may be tempted to go all-out and paint the whole room in all the colours of the rainbow, it is not advisable to have many colours displayed boldly in the baby’s room. Too many bright colours may irritate or overstimulate your baby.

Look at choosing softer, warmer colours that can help create a soothing and calming space. This will come in handy for naps and at bedtime, in the nursery. If you want to add a range of colours at once, ensure that this is broken by a wall with one solid relaxing colour that the baby’s eyes can rest on as well.


Patterns can also have an overstimulating effect on your baby. Items on the walls, such as animal paintings, shapes, letters or numbers can be overwhelming for your baby. It may make the room feel a little too cluttered. 

Opt for minimal objects/patterns across the walls in the room, or dedicate one corner for the decoration. The walls should have a neutral space with as little stimulation as possible.  When it comes to patterns, less is more. Remember, almost everything about life and interaction with loving parents is already stimulating for a small baby.


Babies can associate different lighting with different activities. When the room is brightly-lit, babies often associate this with daytime and playtime.  This can create more of a challenge at bed time, especially at night. A darker-lit rooms creates a “sleepy” mood for them. Inventions such as a dimmer switch, have made it easier for parents to check on their baby at night, without creating a disturbance with a bright light.

Comfortable furniture

Mom and dad will also be spending a great deal of time in the nursery room. It is important to design the room with them in mind too. You should be able to enjoy the room just as much as your baby. Whether it is for feeding your baby, changing a nappy or keeping an eye on them while they sleep. Create a comfortable space for yourself, with something as simple as a rocking chair, recliner or a comfortable feeding chair. 


Sound control in the nursery room will help your baby have undisturbed sleep or be in a more relaxed state during the day. The sounds they receive in this space will affect how they sleep or play. This does not mean an absolutely silent room.  The key is to have a background sound that soothes and calms your baby.