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Take a look inside the Moscow home designed by Agnes Rudzite Interiors

As the founder and artistic director of her eponymous studio, Agnes Rudzite describes the renovation of this Moscow home as a cocktail of classic pieces and daring design plays

By Thobeka Phanyeko  | June 27, 2021 | Interiors

Perfectly located in the south-eastern part of Moscow, in an exclusive environment with parks and a lake, this reimagined space has been home to Agnes’s clients for 15 years, but it became too small when they welcomed their third child, so they decided to merge it with another adjacent apartment.

‘They had no attachment to anything, so they allowed us to demolish everything and construct from zero.’ There was no particular brief besides functionality. ‘We had designed an apartment for them before, so they trusted us and gave us complete carte blanche,’ she adds.

Photographed by Mikhail LoskuTov

‘We met to present the sketches and material board, they looked at it and said: We like everything! so there was no need for any alterations.’ True to her brand, this gem is a harmonious space, composed as a poem, and evokes lightness and emotions. ‘a space should serve the human being, and one has to feel good in it,’ according to Agnes, who also describes the space as balanced, airy and breathable, but at the same time inviting and comfortable. ‘There is no superficial decor or objects; everything is the minimum you need,’ she adds.

The idea of using round shapes next to square ones appeals to her, displaying a sense of playfulness. concerning the colour palette, ‘the apartment has a nice view and a lot of sky that you can see through the windows. When I first saw it, it reminded me of a pink sunrise or sunset, so I chose this nude terracotta pink, which goes well with the oak wood widely used in the interior, as well as Santa Caterina Travertine.’ Agnes is intentional about her choice of textures and tones. ‘In each of my projects, I choose materials and colours that are pleasant to look at and touch, that are “sexy”. There is always lots of natural wood, stone and soft fabrics such as wool and linen.’ Concerning location, practicality and functionality, ‘we had to merge two apartments and make four bedrooms, and a long corridor has formed because of that. But we used it as a picture gallery as the clients have an impressive art collection.’

Photographed by Mikhail LoskuTov

The esteemed designer says she always creates architectural interiors because the scale and proportions of space are crucial. It took a total of five months to complete the 340-square-metre house. ‘The project took us three months, but the construction works happened quickly,’ she says. The result is an honest space, bursting with character. Elated with the outcome, Agnes shares that her favourite part of the house is the two-part kitchen. Repetition of certain colours across the house weaves the rooms together to create a masterpiece, a place the couple and their three children can call home. ‘My clients are happy with the new space and the functional planning,’ she concludes.

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