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Tips and trends for your baby’s nursery

Simplicity and lightness is key when decorating this space

By Gugulethu Mkhabela  | July 4, 2018 | Category

Having a baby on the way is always filled with anticipation, a little anxiety and mostly excitement. Decorating the nursery can be quite a thrill, but before you start choosing colours, tones and fancy gadgets, consider ROCA Kids Furniture & Décor Hayley Windt’s top tips and trends in decorating your baby’s nursery.


The ROCA store founder states that simplicity and lightness are crucial. A key trend for 2018 is the addition of some metallic touches. Hayley suggests spray painting a few décor items to cut costs and to update an item. ‘If you love something in a store and the colour isn’t what you are looking for remember you can make it any colour you like.’


More and more people are incorporating a nursery nook in their master bedrooms so that the new addition can be close by for those first few months. Space is limited so cribs are sought after as they take up minimal space.



5 things to consider when shopping for your baby or child’s room:


Consider the size of your hallways and doorways and if a furniture item can fit. This is so often overlooked. Hayley advises that you use masking tape on the floor to demarcate furniture positioning and sizes as that helps to see if your choices will work


Make sure you buy a dimmer switch or purchase a standing lamp; soft lighting allows you to navigate your way around the room without disturbing your child


Plan ahead.  Purchase items that will allow for the addition of other furniture items as your child grows. Consider accommodating a desk with their existing bed for example when they start school


Work on making the space as functional as possible for storing and accessing toys


A toddler bed is great in theory but remember buying linen is a challenge, creeping into bed with them to read a story or comfort them after a bad dream is hard as space is tight




Images: ROCA Kids Furniture & Decor

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