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Want to get your art a custom frame but don't know where to start? Here's where to go

From an intricate gallery wall to a massive statement piece, check out where you can get your prints framed in and around South Africa.

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By Alyxandra Carolus | September 6, 2022 | Interiors

You’ve bought a new art piece but don’t know where to go to get it framed? It’s a dilemma that many of us face, and yet it’s not always easy to find reputable framing companies. It can be daunting when you’ve just spent some money on a local artist and making your space feel uniquely yours, but you don’t want prints laying around your home gathering dust.

Art needs to be protected from the elements and framing is more than just an aesthetic choice. Sun damage from UV light exposure can deteriorate the integrity of a print or original artwork. Colours fade and most importantly, light damage is not reversible. If you’re just finding your interior style and want to open a space, a bold artwork can shift the whole energy of your home.

From an intricate gallery wall to a massive A1 piece to make a statement, check out where you can get your prints framed, in and around SA.

The Frame & Art Factory

Located in bustling Woodstock, The Frame & Art Factory is known for having over 50 years of experience framing photos, prints and artwork. Touted as the leading supplier of picture frames, give them a call, visit the location or email them to find out more about custom framing options.

The Frame Depot

Operating for over 20 years, The Frame Depot is a Johannesburg-based framing company that caters to the surrounding area. One of the stand-out features is that they offer free consultations and quotes, to determine what service will be the best for your piece and how it’ll fit into your chosen decor and overall aesthetic.

Orms Print Room & Framing

There is no right or wrong in custom picture framing and it all boils down to personal preference”, an absolute gem from the Orms team. Yes, the choice is ultimately up to you.

A firm favourite with Cape Town locals, Orms offers a variety of services from film print processing to custom framing. Give them a call or visit the spacious Roeland Street location to see what they can do for you.

The Framer

Another heavy hitter in the framing business, The Framer boasts close to 3 decades of experience in this industry. Located in the Southern suburbs of Claremont, the company focuses on custom framing solutions and using both local and imported materials to create the best end product. Give them a call or email one of their specialists to get a quote and more insight on your best framing solution.