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Where To Buy Your First Sofa

A few spots to consider when buying one of your most important décor accessories

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By Amy Saunders | July 11, 2018 | Interiors

So, you finally have your own place and feeling stacked up enough to buy your first sofa. But, buying a sofa is quite a commitment and an investment. You have to consider the finer details such as how comfortable it is, whether or not the style will fit in with your overall décor, the size of the sofa as well as the furniture pieces’ longevity and price.

Before making the decision, consider this:

The materials used for the structure of the sofa will determine the longevity and the up-keep, purchase a sofa that is durable and made of a hard-wood or perhaps even metal.

Decide on a material that has longevity and is easy to clean in case of emergency.

It is important to ‘test drive’ the sofa for comfort purposes by sitting or lying on it before purchase.

Yes, we want a designer piece, but you also need something that will last you at least 10 years, no matter how many times you update the look of your home.

You need to decide on your home’s style and décor before buying your first sofa.

Determine what the perfect size for your home will be and look for something with an affordable price tag.

Here are a few local options to consider when buying your first sofa:

Milos Sofa With Cushions, Weylandts

Titanic Corner Slouch, Coricraft

Ypperlig Loveseat, Ikea

Bruce 3-Seater Sofa, @home

Saskan 3-Seater Sofa, Mr Price Home

Featured Image: Christelle BOURGEOIS, Unsplash

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