Ed's Letter

Editor's Letter - Liz Morris

I'm feeling a big, bold shift: to layered interiors that look well-dressed, groomed, cultivated, and even a little matured. ‘Juxtaposition’ is such an unhelpful term to describe a way of decorating because it conjures up factions of style skirmishes that need to become more and more extreme to make the point of difference. I feel there's less of that Guccification shock happening at the moment, and more considered interestingness to catch the eye. The new mood in decorating is not some radical aesthetic, but a desire for dimensions, narrative, character, and a bit of an edge to make it chic.

Designer John Jacob gives great interviews, because he describes the practice of decorating and not the process. I couldn't wait to read about his latest project, Sunset Boulevard, with its peach melba walls and bamboo joinery. Coming from him, it seemed like an out-of-classical idea. But not really, because the colours are composed to echo those you experience in a day at the beach, from seafoam to sunset. It's an organised and contained expression of place, finished off, old-school style, with plasterwork ceilings. Similarly, American A-list designer Steven Gambrel took it to the max in Lines of Vision, confidently reclaiming the gravitas of a London apartment by adding surprising twists and luxe attitude. Lastly, and in total contrast to the zesty apartments just described, please consider the ballad to chalky beige and silky, snowy whites in Carte Blanche, a superbly-orchestrated interior that's a vision of contemporary luxe we're loving now.

Enjoy the issue.

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