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Editor's Letter - Piet Smedy

I am, unapologetically, a #PlantParent. I say unapologetically not because I’m
a millennial who’ll find any opportunity to mention – mid-conversation – how particularly verdant my bird’s eye chili is looking (grown from seed, no less) but because the journey from sow to reap is not always an easy win. I’ve buried enough Thai basil to learn one thing: It’s tough out there, even if you’re an indoor herb.

Fortunately, Gardens Editor Heidi Bertish has a plan for us all. In Land of Plenty, she weaves together the origin story of a Constantia vegetable garden, with brilliant intel on planting a veritable feast in your backyard (or on your balcony). And it’s not just vegetables, but Instagram-approved edible flowers, too. It’s also that time of year when living becomes decidedly alfresco, and Decor Editor Edwain Steenkamp’s Catch Me Outside offers inspired ideas to shake up your outdoor style hibernation.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, a nursery newbie or simply excited at the prospect of packing away your knits and boots and making the most of the warmer days, spring brings with it an unshakeable feeling of optimism – and that’s exactly what the issue of Condé Nast House & Garden in your hands is all about. From the faithful restoration of a heritage home in Cape Town by fashion-designer-turned-decorator Lindie Ferreira, and an industrial Berlin penthouse animated by a coquettish palette of pastels and pattern, to a seaside apartment with pared-back panache and a pretty (and pretty tough) family home in the city.

This month, much like the season, we celebrate the power of creative design to renew, energise and excite.

Enjoy the issue.

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