Editor's Letter


It’s a word i find myself coming back to a lot these past few weeks. though its usage isn’t wildly popular in English, this 13th-century Portuguese word comes closest to defining, for me at least, how i feel at the moment. roughly translated, saudade is a profound feeling of emptiness and nostalgia, of having lost someone – or something – that one might never have back, while at the same time still maintaining a sense of excitement for the future. A bittersweet symphony, if you will, this ‘new normal’ we’re all living. Change – real, deep, permanent change – is of course never easy, especially when it is most necessary and thus, this dichotomy of loss and growth.

At House & Garden, our idea of home has changed. home isn’t just home anymore, is it? home has become our office, our temple, our gym, our restaurant, our club, our sanctuary and our escape. Even as lockdown restrictions ease, the effects of this change won’t be undone and the question will remain: what’s the new meaning of home? in this issue, we hope to make sense of that – within our homes and beyond – from decor Editor Edwain Steenkamp’s report on the future of living spaces to Senior Copy Editor Buntu ngcuka’s interview with digital-gallery pioneer Banele Khoza (and an instagram-floral-styling masterclass for good measure). After all, at its core, all design is solution- driven, and we’ve certainly faced some challenges.

i’m sure this feeling of saudade won’t stick around forever but, every day, i see us rising to these challenges and bringing about the positive change that is needed – and i really hope that does.

Stay safe.

Piet Smedy, Editor-in-Chief

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