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Editor's Letter - Liz Morris

What a first! If you have been reading H&G from the very first issue 21 years ago, or even if you’re a more recent reader, you will have come to expect a certain look from a House & Garden cover: design-directional rooms, perhaps a fireplace, a view of a terrace and outdoor vista, a welcoming table setting... In short, a place or scene that pulls you in and makes you feel like you want to be there in the image. There needs to be a major come-hither factor.

This month, the same applies, but we took it a step further and added some extra information for you. We put the person who lives in the space on the cover, too. Lenny Kravitz was given the honour of being the first person on an H&G cover because of his gorgeous house and garden – a country house, I may add, which is even more intriguing because Lenny has always been associated with high-octane rock and roll urban interiors. That’s always been his signature space, but this home is on a Brazilian farm and has a charm and ease that is super-compelling.

‘There was lots of freestyling and trial and error in the decorating,’ he says, which is something I think we can relate to when we are decorating, ourselves. Relish the read; it is an especially inspiring and down-to-earth take.

As the issue took shape, it became obvious that the interiors all present one option or another of a stylish escape. Take a look at Cheetah Plains, a new luxe loge in the Sabi Sands game reserve with a radical architectural point of view; Le Grand Jardin, an extravagant and quirky Cape home that plays up free-spirited charm; and the chicest address in Marrakech that is a cool confection of perfectly paced colour and pattern.

As much as this issue is a first, it is also a last – for me anyway, as it is my final issue as Edito rin-Chief. Former Associate Editor Piet Smedy is stepping into my shoes and I’m honoured and delighted to welcome him into a role he couldn’t be better suited to. Many thanks for your enduring and passionate support over the years.

I hope you enjoy the issue as much as my stellar team and I have enjoyed putting it together

Enjoy the issue.

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