Ed's Letter

Editor's Letter - Liz Morris

The real estate vogue for big, open-plan living spaces is a fetish that we are entirely guilty of stoking here at H&G, but we’re hooked on small, sassy, beautifully designed apartments, too – because any space that provides a good experience is a good space.

Let’s start with a whole new trend in teeny, tiny spaces. It’s called micro living, and we unpack its unique selling points for you in Small Wonder on page 39. This is not just super clever design, it’s a sort of innovation revolution, a really out-of-the-box way at looking at modular living in 24m2, with only the best essentials. How funky? We couldn’t resist.

Another space that packs a potent punch is Surreal Estate, page 84. Urban and charming, its mood is a sensory highball with a twist of surprise around every corner. The owner, Neil Roake, is a compulsive curator who has opted for zones of collective experience rather than internal walls to create a journey of immersive information throughout the house.

Beyond these micro masterstrokes, an audacious redo in Paris, Finding Neverland on page 63, brings to (very chic) life an old apartment block as an enchanting family home. For a real-life oasis vibe, there is Far from the Madding Crowd on page 90, packed with gorgeous textiles and textures from La Grange. Finally, our cover house in Durban, Dark Matter on page 76, is a statement of the cocoooning power of sultry spaces that inspire retreat.

Enjoy the issue.

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