Ed's Letter

Editor's Letter - Piet Smedy

What makes a house a home?
In short: family.

Growing up on the East Coast I can attest to this: From childhood summers spent by the water with cousins and friends to evenings in the kitchen with my parents as a young adult getting crash courses in spaghetti Bolognese and mac ’n cheese (an attempt to keep me from starving as an English major in Cape Town), my family home will always stick in my mind as the perfect backdrop to moments both quiet and convivial with those who matter to me most.

As the year’s denouement begins to roll out and we start finding ourselves planning more quality time with loved ones, it only makes sense that this issue is all about the homes that celebrate the best of family living – and no one does it better than the Weylandts. After all, their family-run furniture-and-design brand has become synonymous with a curated, stylish way of life. Shooting Chris, Kim and the children at their cliff-hugging home in the small seaside town of Scarborough allows a rare, first-hand look at how the design dynasty lives: Just like all of us. ‘This is a place where we bonded as a family, danced together, got sunburned, played games, swam in the pool till our fingers and toes wrinkled, drank wine and stayed up too late,’ says Kim, perfectly capturing the mood of both their home and this issue.

Today I look at my own home. Sure, it’s smaller, and my idea of good decorating has changed (hey, it was the ’90s) and maybe even the spaghetti is better (sorry, Mom), but there’s one truth that remains: There’s no place like home.

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