Editor's Letter


There is a memorable, oft meme’d, line from Jurassic Park where, delivered with his signature brand of inimitable cool, Jeff Goldblum says: ‘Life, uh, finds a way.’ Even though he was referring specifically to the breeding habits of cloned dinosaurs, I think you can apply it perfectly to the situation we find ourselves in now. And by the situation I mean, of course, the liminatlity of our post-pandemic pre-emancipated world.

You would have to have a Squid Game mask on not to see the green shoot sprouting up all around as ‘To Let’ signs come down and new life comes back to our cities; an exhibition here, a restaurant there, all encouraging us to put our lockdown-induced social neurosis behind us and get out there, boldly.

Here at House & Garden, going boldly is just what we have done with this issue’s cover, an unapologetically sunny declaration: summer is here! It is a feel-good attitude that pervades every home, too, from the more-is-more maximalism of our aptly named cover star, designer Summer Thornton – and her de Gournay-splashed Floridian family home project – to the easy-breezy, barefoot luxury of a Cape Georgian villa on the Atlantic Seaboard of the Western Cape and an off-the-wall eccentric cabinet of curiosities by coiffeur and collector Wim van Zyl. There is boundless energy and optimism all around.

Of course, what would an end-of-year issue be without a deep dive into festive gifting – and this year, we draw inspiration from the greatest luxury of the moment: travel. Keeping it local, Always Welcome, the SA design co-op in Joburg, has teamed up with Olympic gymnast Naveen Daries to bring you the new season’s collections from the brightest names on the scene – talk about top form.

It is a riot of life-affirming colour and creativity that does not just echo the season but also Mr Goldblum’s sentiment.

Here’s to summer, the festive season and the new year – so jump into the new issue, the water’s lovely.

Welcome to the new issue.

Piet Smedy, Editor-in-Chief

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