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4 refreshing drinks to quench your thirst during Dry January

If you’re trying something new at the start of the year, we’ve rounded up some easy recipes

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By Alyxandra Carolus | January 8, 2023 | Recipes

The new year has arrived and it’s often the time to reevaluate lifestyle choices. It’s also the time when people decide to participate in Dry January, a period of time where you give up alcohol after the decadent festive season. But the beginning of the year is still a time to socialise, perhaps on a more pared back scale if budget allows, so it helps to have some fun drink ideas on hand. From fizzy kombucha spritzers to the best lemonade around, we’ve rounded up some easy refreshing non-alcoholic that’s perfect for the higher temperatures.

Ice, ice baby

South Africa is home of the ever popular rooibos tea, but any iced tea will do when the sun is out. With the sweltering heat, try cooling down with this recipe for a flavourful iced tea. Making your own iced tea is quick, easy, and healthy, plus, you can customise recipes to include your favourite ingredients and flavours.

When life gives you lemons

There’s something so delicious about a good lemonade. Zesty, refreshing and it can be enjoyed at any time. This homemade lemonade recipe from Bon Appetit shouldn’t be relegated to the kids’ table—it’s tart, sweet, and intensely refreshing on a summer’s day.

Fruity and fresh

Have a surplus of mangoes this season? This refreshing non alcoholic beverage is the perfect answer to that problem, and it’s equal parts tangy and sweet. Rimming a glass with Tajín makes this fruity spritzer drink extra-festive, but you can also simply sprinkle some over the top to get that tart, spicy kick.

Hand over the booch

Love it or hate it, kombucha is still one of the more popular drinks around. The fermented beverage has been known to have many health benefits for your overall gut health, from being rich in antioxidants to additional probiotics. Do note, it can be high in sugar but this refreshing take on the tea drink is more refreshing than sweet.