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Cocktail Hour: Cranberry Vodka Cosmo is the Chic Drink of the Summer

We are in high spirits for sipping cosmo’s during summer cocktail hours

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By House & Garden South Africa | October 24, 2023 | Recipes

As South Africans start venturing back into the outdoors to soak up the balmy spring weather, vodka has increasingly become the daytime drink of choice as consumers respond to the growing popularity of the cocktail culture.

The clean, crisp profile of vodka has emerged as the ideal base for crafting a variety of refreshing cocktails, making it the preferred choice for daytime enjoyment. According to data from Statista, sales volumes of vodka in South Africa peaked at 6.42 million litres in 2023, which is indicative of a robust growth of this ethyl-based beverage.

This trend reflects the evolving tastes of those seeking refreshing and versatile beverages that perfectly complement the season's sunny vibe.But why is vodka is winning the hearts and minds of consumers? Why does it continue to be a firm favourite as the go-to daytime drink? (especially in the spring of 2023).

Versatility of Vodka

Vodka's subtle and smooth flavour makes it a versatile spirit, offering a blank canvas for mixologists to create a wide range of delightful and refreshing cocktails. The spirit also pairs well with most mixers allowing you to be creative with your combinations at home. With an increasing focus on health and wellness, many individuals are opting for lighter, low-calorie drinks. Vodka, when mixed with calorie-conscious ingredients, offers a more figure-friendly option for daytime indulgence.

Summer’s Most Refreshing Cocktail

Vodka cocktails are incredibly diverse and adaptable to various occasions. Whether you're lounging on a beach, hosting a picnic, or brunching on a sunny patio, vodka cocktails can be customized to match the moment.

Pick a Premium Vodka

The market now boasts a plethora of premium vodka brands, each offering distinct flavours and exceptional smoothness. This allows enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the highest quality spirits in their daytime libations.

Cranberry Vodka Cosmo Recipe

Vodka pairs well with most mixers allowing you to be creative with your combinations at home. Image via Pexels.


50ml Premium vodka of your choice

50ml Cranberry juice

20ml Lime juice

20ml Sugar syrup

A single orange peel, twisted


In a cocktail shaker, combine sugar syrup, vodka, cranberry juice, and lime juice and shake to combine

Place cranberries into the bottom of a martini glass before pouring cocktail mixture.

Garnish with a twisted orange peel for zest