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Three delicious recipes to shake up your gin and tonic repertoire

It is time to elevate your gin and tonic recipes with your favourite gin, exciting glassware, and exotic flavours.

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By House & Garden South Africa | August 18, 2023 | Recipes

Every season there seems to be a trendy cocktail that everyone is sipping. One moment the zesty Aperol spritz is the cocktail du jour, and the next a viral spin on a sophisticated negroni is on everyone’s lips. But, the classic gin and tonic never goes out of style, but continues to evolve with new gins, colourful tonic water, and the opportunity to explore new botanicals.

As the warm weather rolls in, get ready to break out your favourite cocktail shakers and beautiful drinkware because we are ready to embrace these spring cocktail recipes, proving that winter is on its way out.

Spring Highball

Instead of incorporating multiple ice cubes, why not add a single larger ice cube for an edgy cocktail. Image: pexels


37,5ml Gin of your choice

25ml Rhubarb Liqueur

90ml Pink tonic


1. Shake all ingredients.

2. Garnish with small size flower and a slice of lime.

Clover Club

Egg whites may seem like a daunting ingredient, but they are actually very common among expert mixologists. Image: pexels


50ml Japanese Gin

15ml Egg white/Cellulose

20ml Lemon juice

20ml Sugar syrup

5 Muddled Raspberries


1. Pour ingredients into a blender and blitz.

2. Strain over ice in a tumbler.

3. Dust with cinnamon.

Matcha Sour

The addition of matcha to your gin and tonic brings a Japanese zen-like quality. Image: pexels


60ml Japanese gin

5 grams Matcha tea

1 Egg white

10ml Yuzu juice

10ml Lemon juice

10ml Simple syrup


1. Add egg whites to shaker and shake to aerate.

2. Add Roku, simple syrup and matcha tea and shake.

3. Top with some lemon juice and strain into chilled martini glass.