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Cocktail Hour: This Tropical Cocktail is an Island Vacation in a Glass

Feel like you’re on a tropical island with sweet vanilla and crisp apple flavours

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By House & Garden South Africa | October 30, 2023 | Recipes

As South Africans start venturing back into the outdoors to soak up the balmy spring weather, cocktails return as the daytime drink of choice as consumers respond to the growing popularity of the cocktail culture. This trend reflects the evolving tastes of those seeking refreshing and versatile beverages that perfectly complement the season's sunny vibe. But why is vodka is winning the hearts and minds of consumers? Why does it continue to be a firm favourite as the go-to daytime drink? (especially in the spring of 2023).

The clean, crisp profile of vodka has emerged as the ideal base for crafting a variety of refreshing cocktails, making it the preferred choice for daytime enjoyment. So here’s how to make this sweet and crisp summery cocktail:


50ml Premium vodka of your choice

25ml Apple juice

20ml Lemon juice

10ml Vanilla syrup

1 Apple fan for garnish

Ice cubes


In your cocktail shaker, combine your vodka, apple juice, lemon juice, and vanilla syrup. Then shake to combine.

Place ice cubes into the bottom of a tumbler glass before pouring cocktail mixture.

Garnish with a green apple wedge for a burst of colour and crisp flavour.