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Impress your guests this spring with these luxurious artichoke recipes

Artichokes are a great transitional vegetables for pasta, tarts, and side dishes this spring

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | August 28, 2023 | Recipes

Spring time in South Africa is full of colourful flowers and delicious fresh produce, including artichokes. The anatomy of an artichoke can seem tricky with thick and thorny leaves that protect the delicious artichoke heart. But, there are many ways to use every part of these freshly harvested artichokes.

Artichokes can be found fresh at any supermarket or market. If you prefer something prepared for you, jarred artichoke hearts are delicious and you can reuse the oil for salad dressings and cooking. While the process of cooking artichokes at home is also a labour of love, but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze. Here are some of our favourite artichoke recipes from starters, mains, and snacks.

Rich and creamy artichoke dip

Artichoke dip is a great way to treat your guests to an artichoke. Cheese, herbs, and artichoke baked together create a hearty, conversation-starting dip. Who doesn’t love a warm, cheesy and gooey dip at a party?

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Warm and flaky artichoke tarts

We love turning a jar of marinated artichokes into delicious treats! Artichoke hearts are also perfect at the centre of warm and flaky tarts. These are also great to bring to dinner parties as a guest: Pre-make the tarts at home, and pop them into the oven when you arrive.

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Delicious artichoke pesto pasta

Artichoke makes a great filling for salads, bakes, and pastas, but have you ever thought of blending them to make pasta sauce? This baked pasta is great for entertaining your guests with a hearty and indulgent pasta that stears away from lasagne, macaroni and cheese, or melenzane.