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Make your best cup of matcha with these simple tips

Whether you like it over ice or piping hot, make your best cup yet

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By Alyxandra Carolus | January 13, 2023 | Recipes

Looking for some coffee alternatives? Matcha has been a trend since 2015, with Bon Appetit reporting how this tea-based drink would stay top on mind. Why? One of the reasons it’s popularity has been enduring is because it tends to give a steadier caffeine/energy boost versus your average cup of coffee. For most people, its an acquired taste but if you’re looking to find an alternative to your daily fix - matcha could be the right choice. Here’s how to get it right

Choose the right blend

The first step is getting some matcha and making sure it’s an authentic blend. As mentioned before, it is green tea powder and can be of an acquired taste if you’re not used to having green tea in the first place. One way to tell? Look at the colour. Your powder should be a bold green, anything less (think faded green or borderline yellow) isn’t a good sign

Get all the equipment

Once you’ve gotten the right blend, you’ll need the right stuff to make the matcha. It’s recommended to make it with the correct tools, like a traditional bamboo matcha whisk that’ll help froth the tea to perfection. For the best results, it’s also advised to have a dedicated tea bowl so you can get consistent blends.

Hot or cold?

Finally, choose how you’re going to enjoy your freshly whisked matcha. You can have it hot and make a delicious matcha latte with your choice of milk. Alternatively, you can have it cold over ice and with a splash of milk for a refreshing beverage on a hot day.

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