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Where to shop for Easter eggs

’Tis the season for chocolate Easter bunnies. Here is our selection of Easter-themed treats

By House & Garden South Africa | April 14, 2022 | Recipes

The mood for this long weekend is one of joy and hope. We’re not only grateful for some more time off to enjoy with your families, but we also get to channel our inner child with Easter treats. Although, it must be said that this should happen more than once a year, you can have fun with this age old tradition. The painted Easter egg tradition was adopted by Christians in Mesopotamia during medieval times following the period after Easter to celebrate the end of lent, where eggs were not allowed to be consumed. Various stories and superstitions sprang throughout history, like eggs being laid on Good Friday turning into diamonds after a 100 years - that is a very long time to store diamonds you won’t get to see! Easter egg hunts, however originated in Germany in the late 1600s where a protestant church Lutheran would hide eggs for his congregation to find during Easter service. Today, the tradition is still popular with many families, especially in the West.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these treats this Easter holiday.

Beyers hollow chocolate egg with truffle, PicknPay
White Chocolate Speckled eggs, Ma Mère Confections available at Yuppiechief, @home and in store (Cape Town)
Fantastical™ Milk Chocolate Bunny & Multi Coloured Eggs, Woolworths
Versier 'n Dier holiday box with biscuits and speckled eggs, Babylongstoren
Belgian chocolate, Wedgewood
Assorted chocolates, Honest Chocolate
Lindt Gold Milk Chocolate Bunny, Checkers
Easter Hunt Bon Bon Jar, Wedgewood
Cafe-Tasse Easter Rabbit box 16 Eggs assorted , Fine and Fabulous