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Could Robben Island be SA’s new party destination?

Some locals believe Robbe Island has the potential to become the next Ibiza or a top destination like Dubai.

By House & Garden South Africa | November 2, 2021 | Travel Leisure

A tweet by Tshepiso Vanessa Ralehlathe went viral on Thursday when she posted about Robben Island having the potential to become South Africa’s hot party island.

"Robin Island is 5,18 km². Make it a party Island already", she posted with a picture of the landmark. (sic).

Robben Island is located in Table Bay, some 6km west of Bloubergstrand, and stands around 30m above sea level. It is here where people were exiled, isolated and banished to nearly 400 years ago. It was also where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned from 1964 to 1982. His jail cell is among the reasons why tourists visit the island.

Ralehlathe's tweet, which has garnered thousands of retweets, spurred a conversation about its potential as a party island.

One of the commenters named @Palesamoleleki_said: "You're such a smartie pants. We need to be what fyre fest wanted to be." (sic)

Some believed it had the potential to become the next Ibiza or a top destination like Dubai.

@LeratoVerity commented: "Ibiza in Mzansi! Can’t lie, it would work." (sic)

User @Ras_Tso commented: "Ibiza would seize to exist if this happens" while another, @Kevin_T_klein, said, "We so could dubai this place, grow toursm." (sic).

Some also offered light jokes.

User @Buff_NareKekana commented: "That freezing Atlantic will sober u up so fast." (sic)

Another, @Tandymyk, commented: "Apparently the weather is "deadly" there.".

While it is unclear whether Ralehlathe made a joke or not, it is very unlikely that Robben Island, a World Heritage Site and a place with so much history, would be converted into a party island.

This was originally published on IOL.