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Design Tips From Kelly Rowland: Singer, Shoe Designer, and Expectant Mother

The pop star tells AD how she stays organized, calms her son—and keeps her closet in check

By Architectural Digest US | October 19, 2020 | Travel Leisure

It seems like Kelly Rowland is in the midst of a very fruitful time in her life. On October 14, the former Destiny’s Child member dropped her new single “Crazy,” and earlier this month, she announced (by way of a gorgeous Women’s Health cover) that she’s expecting baby number two.

On top of all that, Rowland’s latest shoe collection with online subscription retailer JustFab is officially out October 15. To celebrate, she took AD inside her walk-in closet, a masterpiece that is impeccably organized and designed with glass-front cabinets that allow her to see everything inside. For the soon-to-be mom of two, easy and functional are always top priorities—her closet’s elegant modern aesthetic is simply a bonus.

Below, she shows us the space and shares some advice for moms, as well as some insight into how she’s nesting.

Architectural Digest: Let’s start with your closet. What was the inspiration behind it?

Kelly Rowland: I love that the closet is simple, clean, and minimal. Although it is very much my design vibe, I tried to keep it very clean so I can focus on my wardrobe and shoes.

AD: When you were designing it, what was a key feature that mattered to you most?

KR: The glass cabinetry, so I can see everything. And the island I’m sitting on. I love to chat with friends while getting ready. Since COVID, I also sometimes use Zoom to show them my new purchases like in my JustFab commercial. The island lets me set up my computer or sit and chat.

Kelly Rowland. Image: Instagram

AD: It’s amazing how organised everything is. Can you share with us your tips for keeping everything in place?

KR: I love it when I can see everything, so all my favourite styles are always top of mind. If you can see it, it also stays clean and organized. There are no cluttered cabinets or drawers here.

AD: How would you say your personal style influenced your shoe collection?

KR: The collection is timeless and offers women go-to styles for every occasion. So many of us are looking for comfort right now and it was something I thought a lot about when we collaborated on this collection.

AD: Which is your favourite shoe from the collection and why?

KR: The Wren. I call this style my chocolate boot. I put it on and immediately feel like I can take on the day. Wearing her makes me feel unstoppable.

AD: Have you thought about the baby’s room yet?

KR: I have thought about the baby’s room and am so excited about the ideas we have.

AD: Finally, what are some must-haves you would recommend for moms with newborns?

KR: I think a must-have product is a SNOO [a high-tech bassinet that automatically moves and plays white noise when the baby cries]. Someone just gifted me one. I heard you can rent them, but so many friends I know said it’s a game-changer.

This originally appeared on Architectural Digest US | Author: Isis Briones