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Expert packing tips for your next staycation

With the country being on adjusted lockdown levels you can still book a staycation in your own city when in need of a break

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By Amy Saunders | July 30, 2021 | Travel Leisure

While international travel is not possible and interprovincial travel is not advised, the need for a break from the norm and some type of holiday still exists. So why not book an Airbnb or hotel stay in your own city?

Below, the regional Director Africa at Radisson Hotel Group, William McIntyre, share his list of tips and tricks for staycation packing to ensure that your next trip it’s as safe, fun and relaxing.

The indoor essentials

When you never know whether you’ll be confined to your room or not (it is winter and we are in a pandemic after all), there are some trusty items you can pack for the sole purpose of helping you unwind.

A good supply of books or magazines will keep you entertained while you chill on the couch, relax by the pool or soak in a bubble bath. If you prefer packing light, download audiobooks and a killer playlist for when you’re wanting a short activity break. If a facial isn’t in your budget or the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have a spa, pack a few sheet masks to wear while soaking in the tub or settling back with a hot chocolate or a cup of tea and your favourite TV show before bed.

Most hotels offer bath products but to really make the most of the relaxed vibes or set the tone for a romantic night, add some scented candles and bath salts or bath bombs to your carry-on. If you’re travelling with kids, board games are a fun way to spend quality time together and will ensure no one gets bored if you need to stay in your room.

The items to use with the hotel’s amenities

Many hotels offer a plethora of amenities to keep guests entertained and happy during their stay. Make sure you’ve packed a swimsuit, sunhat and sunscreen for poolside days, as well as comfy slippers for when you’ve planned an entire day at the spa.

If your stay is longer than a weekend, pack a laundry bag – this can be used to separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones or to send them to the hotel’s laundry room if you’re so inclined (most hotels also offer in-house laundry bags for this purpose).

The basics you’re sure to forget

In addition to your usual toiletries, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste and razor, you may think you won’t need medication. Remember that we’re still in a pandemic and should you not be able to leave your hotel or you become ill during your stay, these items could go a long way to ensure a speedy recovery or simply help you remain comfortable while sick. Paracetamol helps alleviate fever and mild to moderate pain while an ice pack can be kept in your hotel room’s minibar. Stores also now sell heat packs that are great to relieve inflammation and reduce muscle stiffness. To ensure you’re covered for any situation, you should always have a travel first-aid kit containing tweezers, ointment, bandages, hand sanitiser and insect repellant in your car or carry-on.