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Whirlpool?s 6TH SENSE Induction Hob is the key to creating sophisticated dishes in a flash

By Zeenat Mowzer | July 3, 2018 | Gourmet Restaurant Awards

Treating your guests to an appetising multi-course meal, without having to toil away in your kitchen for hours on end, may seem like an unrealistic fantasy. However, with Whirlpool’s cutting-edge 6TH SENSE Induction Hob, you can quickly and conveniently whip up culinary masterpieces- without compromising on efficiency.

State of the art 6TH SENSE technology allows you to set your ideal cooking functions with nothing but a single tap. As you place your finger on the button, the hob’s power level will be automatically modified to suit your needs thanks to rapid boost boiling, designed to immediately heat ingredients. This spares you the trouble of watching and waiting while your dish simmers away.

The 6TH SENSE also regulates the hob’s temperature and prompts it to generate a distinct sound once the water reaches boiling point. To add to that, the hob routinely switches off in order to avoid overflow.



It is in addition, an environmentally friendly device. Under 10% of the energy used when preparing food on the hob with a ferrous metallic pan, is released into the atmosphere, as only the pan is heated rather than the entire hob. An electromagnetic field that passes through the hob’s ceramic glass top, makes this possible.

Plus, the hob’s modern Flexi-cook feature puts you at liberty to use various sizes of pots and pans. Last but not least, those not so keen on the clean-up session after a hearty, gourmet meal, will be happy to know that the hob not only boasts a slick aesthetic. It is also effortless to clean because of its transparent and smooth surface.

Featured Image: Paolo Bendandi, Unsplash

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