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Local meets London: Kudu Collective Brings South African Flavour to South London

This family-run collective owns successful South African-style eateries and the new Kudu on the block, Kudu Grill, has grabbed our attention

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By Palesa Kgasane  | March 22, 2022 | Travel Leisure

After the enormous success of their signature restaurant “Kudu” in 2018, founding partners Amy Corbin and chef Patrick Williams quickly began their expansion into one of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Kudu Grill is the latest addition to the Kudu Collective, a laid-back bistro-style eatery dedicated to South African braaing. The flourishing chain includes a stylish cocktail bar named Smokey Kudu as well as Curious Kudu, part private dining and event space, part art gallery.

Kudu Collective’s signature restaurant, Kudu. Photography: Kudu Collective
Smokey Kudu. Photography by Kudu Collective
Curious Kudu. Photography: Kudu Collective

Like the other Kudu Collective establishments, Kudu Grill boasts a menu of South African ingredients and a collection of South African wines. “Our South African roots inspire our food and drinks – whether that’s slow cooking in a potjie pot over hot coals, baking our delicious Kudu bread or stirring our braai negroni”, explain the founders. Amy and Patrick take special attention when it comes to sourcing the ingredients, most of which come from local suppliers as well as their own home-grown herb garden.

Contemporary, laid-back interiors give Kudu Grill its edge; a welcoming lunch and dinner spot which fits in perfectly within the trendy Peckham neighbourhood.

Kudu Grill interior with exposed brick walls. Photography: Kudu Grill Instagram
Kudu Grill. Photography: Kudu Grill Instagram

Kudu Grill’s seasonal menu is divided into snacks, starters, braai and dessert. It includes dishes like Cape Malay curried crab, Braai whole black bream with zhug butter roti, Dry aged T-bone with beer pickled onion and even local dessert pickings such as Melktert - delicious, right? The restaurant’s signature is home-made potato bread with garlic pesto, topped with lardo gives off the kind of satisfaction that a Sunday lunch with the family would give. One would imagine that it’s both easy and convenient to dine and end the evening at Smokey Kudu for some cocktails.

Kudu Grill braai cauliflower. Photograpgy: Kudu Grill Instagram
Kudu Grill small plates: Grilled prawns on bespoke Braai in peri peri butter paired with South African Bubbles. Photography: Kudu Grill Instagram

While the the Kudu Collective has a wide array of patrons from all walks of life, Kudu Grill is something truly special, that feels a lot like home for South Africans living in London. We’ll put that down on our list of must-visit restaurants to visit this year.

Kudu Grill. Photography: Kudu Grill

Kudu Grill is open for dinner on Wednesdays & Thursdays, for lunch and dinner on Friday & Saturday and for a few hours on Sundays for lunch.