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The five-star get-away you deserve

You have to visit this hotel at least once

By House & Garden | November 8, 2018 | Travel Leisure

If there is something 2018 has taught us, it’s that self-care is extremely important for not only your body but for your mental health. And what better way to get some self-care, kick back and relax than to visit one of the best hotels in the country Lanzerac Hotel and Spa.

We started off in a search of the best places to go in Stellenbosch and we enlisted the expertise of Destinate Travel, who are masters on anything Stellenbosch related. Our brief was simple ‘we wanted a place to get some self-care’. Destinate Travel understood that to the T and sent us to Lanzerac. We were blown away and here is why.


Lanzerac Hotel and Spa is about an hour top from Cape Town City Centre. This is perfect because if you want to go for a time away to rest, the last thing you want is to be exhausted by the long commute to and from your destination. 

Rich heritage

Lanzerac Hotel and Spa was established in 1692 and is one of the best wine estates in Stellies. It’s located in the idyllic Jonkershoek Valley on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. So, the views from there are amazing. In May last year, there was a fire at Lanzerac that destroyed the main hotel, which lead to a closure for 13 months. The hotel reopened in July this year, and the hotel looks better than ever.

One thing we absolutely loved was seeing the picture below of an African king dating back to the 16th century or even earlier. That level of inclusion and being woke made Lanzerac a winner from the moment we saw that art. Because usually when you see old art, hotels never show people of colour. Kudos to Lanzerac for that.

The best wine in the land

Lanzerac has the best wine in the land. Like seriously, it does, and Absa Pinotage wine awards agree as they named the Lanzerac Pionier Pinotage 2015 a Top 10 wine for both 2017 and 2018. The wine has also won a Platters 5 Star at Vivino Style Awards.

Lanzerac Wine Estate is home to the world’s first bottled Pinotage.

360-degree fun

So one thing we want when we have a self-care getaway is to do as little admin as possible. We got that at Lanzerac. It’s an all in one five-star treatment. Whether you want to try out the best wines, to have some of the best confectionary and food, if you want to vegetate by the pool or get a five-star spa treatment, it’s all on the same property and within walking distance.

And for us fitness junkies, there is a fitness Centre with the adequate weights in the spa. Imagine that, after pumping and pushing those gains, you can head straight to a full body massage, the jacuzzi, a floating heated pull or a mani and pedi. Talk about convenience.


There is not one single word to describe the beauty and perfection of the rooms at Lanzerac. So, we have put together a few words; magnificent, dope, perfect, outstanding, Just right. We can safely say they fall in our Top 10 most beautiful hotel rooms so far. The attention to detail is fantastic. And the fact that they have their own water source means you can take a bath there, and if you have been craving one since the drought was announced in Cape Town, you know we went straight for that bath.

The room we stayed in had the most amazing outside gazebo, overlooking our private pool. Talk about levels.


Being the millennials that we are, we knew the place was a winner the moment we could easily see more than 20 instagrammable spots. From that moment on we were sold. From the food, (which is superb) all the way to the bathroom mirrors, we were snapping away for the gram.

We definitely recommend Lanzerac Hotel and Spa for your next getaway. And with the festive season coming, this is one spot you don’t want to ignore.

Images: Supplied