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The Romansbaai Moksha: a new magnificent retreat for everyone to try

The Romansbaai Moksha is the highest five-star experience in Gansbaai – and its location comes with great sensation. We recently checked in to Romansbaai Moksha to check it out

By House & Garden South Africa | March 25, 2021 | Travel Leisure

The Romansbaai Moksha is the highest five-star experience in Gansbaai – and its location comes with great sensation. We recently checked in to Romansbaai Moksha to check it out.

First Impression: Picturesque 360 views.

Bedroom and bath: Understated, relaxed luxury. Feels at home.

The house: Dreamy and welcoming.

Outstanding credentials: The outdoor showers, epic views of the sea and landscape from all four bedrooms, less than 6 mins walk to the beach and majestic pool overlooking the ocean.

In a nutshell: Western Cape's most stunningly located staycation spot.

Price: R4243 on Airbnb, roughly R530 per person per night as it sleeps, eight people.

The scene

From the moment you enter into Romansbaai Moksha, you are gobsmacked by how stunning it really is. You are literally in for a treat from the moment you enter the door, irrespective of which entrance you use. The location is sensational, ideal for a couples group getaway, a friendcation or a family getaway. The home is newly built, so it still has that freshness to it. Being lockdown and some of us still work from home, you can work during your staycation with the great wifi at the house.

From July to December, you do some whale watching from the balcony.

The story

Romansbaai Moksha is located in the exclusive Romansbaai Estate, which not only has great sea-facing views, but it is a place where you get to enjoy nature as well. In fact, on our first night, we had Zebras casually chilling outside the house while we made food.

That view and the solitude of the area was definitely unbeatable. The house's furniture is minimalist, which is just perfect. You have free moving and dancing room, on those nights of a few drinks or karaoke.

A bucket list sunset

There are sunsets, and then there are Romansbaai Moksha sunsets. The latter is one everyone needs to see. It's spectacular. It's a majestic moment each time one sees this sunset. We saw it for 4 days and never got tired. And because the house is close to the beach, a few metres away actually, you can even see the sunset while at the beach. And we all know nothing slaps like a beach sunset.

We would go back to Romansbaai Moksha any day, even if it's just for the sunset.

The neighbourhood scene

Due to Covid-19, we are all strict on social distancing with people we don't know, and this location works perfectly. The Estate has great privacy from each property to the other, so social distancing with neighbours is super easy. Even when you go down to the beach, there is hardly anyone. On occasions where there are people, the numbers are so few, and the beach is so huge you can have your own private beach within a private beach.

Another great thing about privacy is for those who love skinny dipping in the house pool or the beach, and you can do it without fear. Your neighbours aren't watching; they are way too far to even see you. So you can be at peace.

Who would enjoy it here?

Anyone, from the person who loves stunning instagramable views, one who enjoys to sit and read in silence, a fitness enthusiast who enjoys run by the beach, a family that enjoys bonding through braais, pool vibes.

Other things to do in the area

Wine Tasting at Lomond Wine Estate: Also very picturesque and offers great wines and bubbly. Staff needs to be more friendly to new customers, though.

Pizzas and crocodile watching at Afrikanos: Possibly some of the best pizza you will eat, amiable staff and crocodile watching treat.

African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary: This is pretty much a hospital for penguins and seabird; it was great to visit and hear the stories of success and how the sanctuary came about.

Shark Cage Dive Marine Dynamics: If you want to 'swim' with sharks, Marine Dynamics is the place.

A final note: is it worth it?

Yes, you can't beat the location and majestic views.

Address: Romansbaai Moksha, 169 Hamerkop Road, Romansbaai, Gansbaai

Telephone: +27 83 234 9376