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Travel hacks for solo adventurers

The solo travel market is slowly growing since the pandemic.

By IOL Reporter | October 8, 2021 | Travel Leisure

The solo travel market is slowly growing since the pandemic.

The latest data by reveals that more people searched for flights for one person in South Africa.

About 71% of all searches on the website were for one person in 2019. That number increased to 77% this year.

Here are some solo travel hacks you should know ahead of your trip:

Hop-on-hop-off bus

Not only is it the perfect way to see a new destination, but the hop-on-hop-off bus also allows you to meet new people. Strike a conversation with fellow travellers to ask about places you can see and about their travel plans. You may get to meet a new travel buddy.

Balance R&R with exploring

Travelling with people can bog one down. You have to stick to their schedule, and often you may not like the activities on the itinerary. Being a solo traveller allows you to travel on your own terms-whether you want to chill by the pool, sleep in or explore to your heart's content. Try to strike a balance between your exploring and rest, so you get to enjoy a place while still getting some R&R.

Volunteer at a local organisation

Use your solo trip to give back. Many organisations are seeking volunteers to help with their NPO work. Research the best organisations and sign up. This, in addition to making a difference, helps you enjoy an immersive local experience.

Check out the food scene

While most travellers dread dining alone, exploring the food scene is the perfect way to take in the sights, sounds and flavours of a destination. Markets are popular if you do not want to be seen dining by your lonesome. You could also book a cooking class, a foodie tour or dinner with locals. The options are endless.

Explore the outdoors

Book a few outdoor experiences with a hike on the first day of your trip. This helps you familiarise yourself with a destination, and the guide will answer any of your questions. Guides are also great to capture your photos and recommend hidden gems you should try. Outdoor activities can be hikes, tours to natural sites or an ocean experience.

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