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Want to travel in a group during the pandemic? Here are 4 guidelines to follow

Things to keep in mind when you are travelling with a group during a pandemic.

By IOL Reporter | September 15, 2021 | Travel Leisure

If anyone comes to me and says they are going insane from staying home for too long, I won’t get surprised. It’s something we are all dealing with. But travelling during Covid-19 has become easier nowadays as our knowledge grows.

Below are things to keep in mind when you are travelling with a group during a pandemic.

Don’t take Covid-19 with you

If anyone in your group has Covid-19 like symptoms, however mild, it is important to be tested and cleared for it before leaving. Common symptoms may include fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, difficulty in breathing, loss of taste or smell, and vomiting or diarrhoea.

Carry all essentials

Make sure that you have all the necessary things that you need to ensure exceptional hygiene. Carry alcohol wipes and hand sanitisers, and remember that the face mask is a must to wear. Instead of coughing or sneezing carelessly, see that you cover your mouth.

Pay with cards rather than cash to avoid touching money

Many people can handle money over a long duration of time, providing many opportunities to transfer disease-causing microbes from one person to the next. Using contactless payment also helps maintain social distancing.

Remember the guidelines

And on top of all this, remember the fundamental guidelines issued to ensure your safety. Maintain a safe distance of about two meters from everyone, avoid touching things or people, and don't step into crowded places. Wash your hands regularly when you get the chance, and don't use the belongings of other people.

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