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WATCH: Model Winnie Harlow shows off her first home filled with sculptural lighting

International model Winnie Harlow opens up her Hollywood home with nods to her heritage

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By Architectural Digest US | August 14, 2023 | Video

This week, Architectural Digest is welcomed into the stylish home of model Winnie Harlow in Hollywood, California. The model’s home is full of hand-picked artwork, bespoke finishes, and rooms that can easily go from work mode to party mode.

Throughout, there are nods to her Carribean heritage with tropical-inspired decor pieces, tea that her family grew up drinking, and brightly-coloured wallpapers and accessories. Going from room to room, you will see some of Harlow’s favourite art pieces with sculptural lighting nesting above, “you will see a lot of light fixtures that I have in my house are art pieces,” says Winnie Harlow. “You’ll see my favourite one in the kitchen”.