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A legacy of excellence

Iconic designer and artist Carrol Boyes has died at age 65. She was renowned for creating unique luxury flatware and for empowering women in the arts and in the workplace

By Staff Reporter | August 15, 2019 | Category

Known for her intricate home decor designs, artist  Carrol Boyes has died at age 65. According to news reports, she passed away on Wednesday night after a brief illness.

Boyes is the founder, creator and CEO of Carrol Boyes retailer, based in Cape Town. "She is an iconic South African designer and her brand has deftly crafted a coveted and high-end product range of upmarket home and lifestyle items," her company website states.

A fine arts graduate with a major in sculpture from the University of Pretoria, she was initially an English teacher until at the age of 35 when she decided to follow her dream of becoming an artist.

Company spokesperson Michelé Stuurman confirmed the news saying: "Carrol will be remembered for her love, her story and her quirky creativity."

"Carrol leaves our nation with a legacy of excellence, unity, empowerment and pioneering functional art. She will be greatly missed," she added.

The family is yet to release an official statement. 

Images: Instagram

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