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Most Beautiful Object in SA

Tsonga inspired Tutu Pendant light wins most beautiful object in South Africa award at Design Indaba 2018

By Amy Saunders  | February 26, 2018 | Category

Drawing inspiration from both Western and African fashion trends, Thabisa Mjo designed the incredible Tutu 2.0 functional lamp that wowed the public at Design Indaba 2018.

Designed with a ballet outfit and a similar African version, the Xibelani skirt, in mind, Mjo and her team constructed the light using thin steel rods as a frame, reinforced with tightly woven strands of wool and hundreds of red and black beads.

She is no stranger to cross-pollinating over a number of creative industries. With experience in production design from AFDA and architectural drawing from Inscape Design School, Mjo sees herself as a storyteller rather than a designer. She is interested in evoking meaningful responses from the people whose traditions and fashions are reflected in the interior design products she creates.

“My primary target market is always those whose cultures are represented in my designs. It’s always so incredible when someone recognises themselves in one of my objects.”

The Tutu Pendant light was one of 9 other objects nominated for the award. Other nominations included the Mvelo Desk designed by Pinda Furniture and the Path of The Upright installation designed by Igshaan Adams.