Fine Architecture, Art & Wine

Since it’s official opening on June 1st 2016, the majestic Cité du Vin has become renowned for its unmatched architecture and its main purpose for existing, of course, wine.



The 10-story museum, which cost just over $90 million to create, features a 250-seat auditorium where wine history screenings and expert-run classes take place, additional workshop spaces and an art gallery for their frequent exhibitions.  Fit for its location in Bordeaux, on the banks of the Garonne River, the museum also offers a simulated boat ride. The ride reimagines the maritime journey of a merchant travelling across the globe.



Operated by the Foundation for wine culture and civilization Cité du Vin gives visitors the opportunity to explore the ‘soul’ of wine through an immersive and sensory approach. With the Bordeaux Wine Festival approaching, perhaps this a great time to consider that holiday to France you’ve been dreaming about.



Take a look at their quick video tour of the museum below:

Featured Image: Anaka, The City Of Wine, XTU Architects