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Immersive Dining

Under, one of the world?s first rugged yet elegant underwater dining experiences

By Amy Saunders | June 15, 2018 | Innovative

Brothers, Gaute and Stig Ubostad are the innovative minds behind the up and coming ‘underwater restaurant the world has never seen.’



The architectural innovation is currently under construction in Lindesnes, a municipality in Vest-Agder county, Norway and will be completed in March 2019,

This new age styled restaurant has been designed and executed by the Norwegian firm, Snøhetta architects. The firm began as a collaborative architectural and landscape workshop and is working on other exciting future forward projects such as Svart, the world’s first floating, power sufficient hotel.



The restaurant’s name, Under, has a double meaning in Norwegian. When translated in Norwegian under also means “wonder.” The structure will be half-sunken into the sea, with the half of the buildings surface resting on the shoreline five meters below the water’s surface. As it rests on the seabed, the structure will become one with the underwater world, sort of like an aquarium. The concrete walls are all a meter-thick and built to withstand pressure and shock from the tempestuous sea conditions.

According to the Under website, the restaurant will seat up to one hundred guests. Restaurant guests will be welcomed on the entrance level, before being hosted in the cocktail lounge, located on the mezzanine level of the structure. Guests will then be led down to the lower level, where the restaurant is situated.  During their visit, diners can take in the spectacular underwater world through the large panoramic window.



In the latest news update on their website, Co-owner of the Lindesnes Havhotell and Under, Gaute Ubostad, said, ‘Our goal is to become one of the most unique experiences in the world; combining cutting edge marine biology, never before seen architecture and an unparalleled gastronomic experience. It is a tough goal, but then again, it is quite exotic to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience five and a half meters below sea level.’



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