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Lemon’s new showroom in Amsterdam captures the brand’s timeless sensibilities

Lemon's gradual expansion internationally has been approached in much the same way that the brand approaches its designs - consciously and with consideration

By Piet Smedy  | March 21, 2022 | Innovative

When Lemon decided to open a European base in 2020 in Europe, we settled on Amsterdam as the city of choice - the location had been carefully selected for its centrality, accessibility, strong and established design culture and the existing relationships formed over time here with clientele.

But there was more to it. Amsterdam resonated with co-founder and Head of Design, Kevin Frankental for its energy and sense of familiarity, and the transition was a smooth and natural one. "Amsterdam has a small village feel to it. The design community is small and personal, which reminds us a lot of how we work in Cape Town and Johannesburg, in that clients become friends over time, and we build strong meaningful relationships with them which in turn results in great collaborations and good work. This had a big influence on our decision," he says. The journey here has been rewarding - a warm welcome from the design community and excitement about the brand demonstrates how perfectly timed and well placed the move was. "I think design lovers appreciate what we are doing, and that is what is important to us. We are also hoping to work with some young and emerging Dutch designers."

Since establishing a base here though, Jaco van Staden, Lemon's Sales Director who is based in our Amsterdam studio realised that having a physical showroom space was becoming necessary too. Apart from a demand for being able to access the physical product quickly and easily, it felt important to be able to really communicate the brand's values. "One thing we know, is that with products like ours, it doesn't matter what images you show someone, it's hard to truly appreciate without seeing them in person. We focus so heavily on craftsmanship and the quality of our materials, that to see and feel the pieces up close is really crucial," he says. "We also wanted a space we could make our own - an experience that is exclusively Lemon, rather than sharing a space with another brand. We wanted our customers to see our whole range working in situ together."

This prompted the search for the perfect space - one that aligned with Lemon's ethos that was also well located. The answer to this list of criteria came in the form of an old building with soul and history that helps to communicate the vision of Lemon as a brand - its timelessness, and dedication to craft is perfectly in line with the refinement and quality that Lemon stands for. The location also needed to speak to context and culture. "I wanted us to integrate into the community," says Van Staden. "So it was important that we chose a location that made it easy for local designers and those visiting from elsewhere in Europe to access - whether by bike, car or public transport - while being immersed in the rich culture the city has to offer."

The showroom was conceptualised with the same sensibility as Lemon's ranges - easy, timeless and with a focus on natural materials. "We have tried to create a space that is warm, comfortable and homely, using materials like wood and stone. For us, whether it's an office, hotel or home you're using our pieces in, it should exude the feeling that we have created here," he says.

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