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The outdoor Songololo sofa by South African furniture maker Haldane Martin

The renowned Cape Town based furniture designer launched the first iteration of his iconic sofa over a decade ago and the latest recreation features a modern update for the outdoors

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By Palesa Kgasane  | May 16, 2022 | Design

Haldene’s Songololo sofa is customizable reinvention of the modular 70s sectional sofa. Each sofa is made with aluminium legs and a curved cushion seat. The new sofa seats are made with high performing outdoor fabric and the legs with UV-stable powder coated aluminium for outdoor spaces.

"Inspired by nature's creepy-crawly, the Songololo sofa has a multitude of legs that can coil up, be shaped and reshaped in curves or lines or something in between," says the brand. The Songololo couch designer and owner od Haldane, Haldane Martin combines his passion for design with a love for the outdoors to create furniture with an enduring connection to nature.

Songololo sofa by Haldene

Designed with flexibility and comfort in mind, the sofa’s contoured shape makes it a modern centrepiece that works well in any environment. The modern sofa features various sizes ranging from the 6 seater to the 10 seater that can be be twisted in different directions to create different shapes. The unique design makes it a timeless piece that suits both minimalist and maximalist sensibilities.