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4 Ways to Make Working from Bed Less Painful—Literally and Figuratively

If you're going to get extra cosy, do it right

By Megan Gustashaw | March 20, 2020 | Category

If you're a full-time freelancer or suddenly navigating a new WFH situation, you can probably admit to working from the comfort of your bed once or twice—maybe you’re even doing it right now. Rest assured this isn’t the part where we instruct you to stop what you're doing as an act of self-care. We're well aware that duty (or online shopping) occasionally calls, and our apartments don't often come with separate offices for such things. What we will suggest—because we’ve tried it ourselves and it’s a game-changer—is buying a few items to improve the experience. Why? Because working from bed isn't quite as comfortable as it appears to be, for one thing. And creating a subtle but noticeable division between grind time and rest is also worthwhile for your sanity. (You don’t have to go sit at a desk, but at least sit up straight.) Read on to learn about four essential WFB (work-from-bed) buys. Talk about being in the zone.


1. Back support

The first and most important purchase you should make is something to support your back that isn’t a balled-up throw blanket. This foam wedge is the number-one bestseller in Amazon's "Bed Wedges & Body Positioners" category. It's not the prettiest, but the company says the gradual slope will help with back and neck pain, an inevitable symptom of working horizontally. Just hide it in your closet when you're done for the day.

Picture: Anatomic Wedge Pillow R449.95 at Edgars

2. A sturdier surface

Now that you’re propped upright, you need a surface to work on that isn’t your thighs. Not only will a bed tray keep your computer and other devices nice and steady, but it will also elevate your view slightly, preventing you from hunching over your screen for hours on end. IKEA makes a simple, collapsible bed tray for less than $15. It comes in teal and grey, too.

Picture: Multi-Functional Sit-Stand, Bamboo Laptop Table Docking Edition R489 at

Picture: Multi-Functional Sit-Stand, Bamboo Laptop Table Docking Edition R489 at


You’re tucked in and ready to work—but wait—you forgot your pen in the living room. Getting in and out of your bed-desk every other minute is the worst, which is why the pro move is to corral writing utensils, notebooks, and other supplies within arm's reach in advance. If you’ve got little in the way of nightstand storage, tuck one of these understated caddies into your bed frame instead.

Picture: Poise accessory organiser, UMBRA at Superbalist for R499

4. A spill proof vessel

When you’re trying to watch Netflix, text your best friend, write an email, and drink coffee simultaneously, spills tend to happen. Since washing a duvet is a major drag, consider using this cute, leakproof tumbler, which has the added benefit of keeping your beverage hot or cold for up to six hours.

Picture: 550ml Thermosteel Fresh Vacuum Flask R219 at Yuppiechef

This article originally appeared on AD Clever.


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