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Designer items currently on our radar

From lighting to velvet throw cushions, take a look at a few covetable décor pieces we have been eyeing

By Amy Saunders | June 30, 2020 | Trends

Over the past few months, the meaning of home has evolved. This space is now an office, entertainment centre, restaurant as well as a place of comfort and rest. Now in the middle of winter, we crave the comforts of a home with warm lighting, colourful throw cushions and welcoming sofas to brighten up our days. There’s no harm in adding some designer flair to this.  Below are a few covetable décor pieces we have been eyeing, enjoy.

Casa Milano’s Pillopipe Evo Green sofa

Designed by Paola Navone this one of the first modular sofas made using eco-sustainable materials and methods. You wouldn’t say by how good it looks but all the padding is made with 100% regenerated and biodegradable polyester fibre mixed with cork granules which are as soft as goose down because of their elasticity.


Picture: Pillopipe Evo Green sofa with the rest of Casamilano 2020 Collection, Instagram

The Wanderland Collective scatter cushions

A collective of South African artists, designers and creatives who collaborate on creating a variety of products, the Wanderland Collective recently drew attention to their luxurious scatter cushion collection. Warm colours and velvety to the touch, here are our favourite designs by Lucy Jane Turpin and designer Zhi Zulu.

Picture: Lucy Jane Turpin's Lava scatter cushion, alongside a basic gold velvet, The Wanderland Collective

Picture: Printed velvet scatter cushion featuring a hand-drawn design by Zhi Zulu


Tom Dixon’s Etch Web Canopy Pendant light

Available in brass and silver, the Etch Web pendant was created for the launch of the Audi A8 in Miami 2009. Described as voluminous, lightweight and transparent, the pendant’s metalwork creates shadows on surrounding surfaces, designed with the intent of it mimicking natural light filtered through a forest canopy.

Picture: Tom Dixon’s Etch Web Canopy Pendant, Tom Dixon

Picture: Tom Dixon’s Etch Web Canopy Pendant, Tom Dixon


UTU Comb Wall lamp

Colourful and warm, UTU shared their Comb UTU wall lamp which is customisable and come in colour options that include Ivory, Copper and Jade. Imagine this bold piece of artwork brightening up any room of your home.

Picture: UTU Comb Wall lamp, Supplied

Picture: UTU Comb Wall lamp, Supplied

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