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Eat, Stay, Love: Preview Poetry’s Winter ’21 Homeware Collection

Watch House & Garden Editor-in-Chief Piet Smedy and Story Design Collective’s Senior Interior Designer Dayle Wener present the brand’s Danish hygge meets Japanese wabi-sabi range

By Piet Smedy  | April 14, 2021 | Category

Here at H&G we’ve been waxing lyrical about notions of ‘sanctuary at home’ (we’ve even dedicated entire issues to the topic) a lot over the past year and a bit since ‘hard lockdown’ and ‘WFH’ begrudgingly entered our vernacular. Cocooning and craftsmanship have become shorthand for a new lifestyle that has seen the industry make moves to cater to a growing population of homemakers that place the spending emphasis on humanist design, comfort-first pieces and a sagacious view on sustainability.

This season, the team at Poetry have made manifest our mindfully sybarite manifesto with its soon-to-be-released winter ’21 homeware collection. ‘There is a shift in Poetry homeware from being a gifting destination to being a full lifestyle destination. Building a curated home space made of beautiful, artisanal items that reflects the individuality of the Poetry customer and creates an escape – that’s what the winter ’21 collection is all about.’ says Kelly Sayer, Poetry’s homeware buyer.

Ahead of the drop, we unpack the new range’s need-to-know moments.

Get your free ticket to Editor-in-Chief Piet Smedy and Story Design Collective’s Senior Interior Designer Dayle Wener’s winter collection preview, taking place online this Saturday.

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A Quiet Place

'Calm and soothing interiors that are infused with warmth and comfort are key,’ says Kelly, whose team used a ‘layering the senses’ approach. ‘We wanted to create a refuge in unstable and unpredictable times.’ From painterly fabrics to textures rugs and runners and scented candles, the range aims to establish happy spaces reminiscent of the hygge mentality.

Grounded in Nature, Connected to Humanity

A profusion of noble materials – marble, timber, natural fabrics, glass – are the cornerstone of the season’s offering, instantly establishing interiors with a close connection to the natural world and, in tow, feelings of cool and calm. ‘Earthy tones and a primal minimalism were key touchpoints for us,’ says Kelly. ‘If last year has taught us anything it's that we need to take time to reflect, pause and take a breath.’ These materials were entrusted to local artisans, who employed their niche skills to create perfectly imperfect pieces that make every experience of the collection as unique as the offering. ‘The mark of the maker elevates homeware so that it becomes something that is passed down to future generations,’ says Kelly.


Mindful Gatherings

‘Bring the outdoors in by dressing your tables in natural materials such as wood, marble and ceramics,’ says Kelly, who’s team placed a focus on table scapes this season, a particularly astute move considering how we, cautiously, have begun to open our homes to friends and family again to celebrate togetherness. ‘Pick items like the 24-piece Layla Oak cutlery set with wood handles, 2-pack marble boards or locally-made ceramic dinner sets, while adding a special touch with Matisse-inspired tea towels, mouth-blown ribbed glassware or a hand-painted floral mug, personalised with your initial in gold,’ says Kelly.

Don’t forget to get your free ticket to the Poetry winter collection preview, taking place online this Saturday.