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Insider: The must have coffee table books of the month

This month, books editor Steven Whiteman’s monthly must reads sharply focus on the work and philosophy of two leading designers with two equally elegant monograms

By House & Garden South Africa | August 3, 2022 | Trends

This month, we sharply focus on the work and philosophy of two leading designers with equally elegant monograms.

Drawing Spaces, Designing Emotions (Rizzoli)

Drawing spaces, Designing emotions by Isabelle Stanislas, R1 400, Image: Supplied

Isabelle Stanislas’s interiors nod to historical sources while exuding a refreshing contemporary style. Known for her knack for subtly interweaving art, landscaping, architecture and materials, she has been regularly called upon by private homeowners and luxury brands, such as Cartier and Hermès, since establishing her firm in 2000. Most recently, the designer was tapped by the French president to breathe new life into the Élysée Palace, further elevating her stature. From architecture and construction to interior design and bespoke furniture, the renowned Paris based architect and interior designer’s highly anticipated monograph explores the impressive breadth of her creative approach through twelve diverse properties. Defined by precision, minimalism and a unique take on French style, the designer’s modus operandi emerges from the pages of this dazzling volume. Specially commissioned photographs take readers on a journey from Paris to London to Portugal. Complete with insightful texts that unpack each project and Isabelle’s artistic universe. This book is a must-have addition to the libraries of design masters and enthusiasts alike.

Three Houses (Vendome)

Three Houses by Rose Tarlow, R2 170, Image: Supplied

In this book, Rose Tarlow does not write or remark much; instead, she conjures memories of a grand home lost to a fire and immortalised in so many of their future creations. The legend of Windrift, Roses’s East Coast childhood homes, is reimagined in this landmark book through three extraordinary homes. Each home is a spectacular embodiment of her design philosophy, exuding the charming eccentricity and uncompromising sophistication that has become her signature. Three Houses features Rose’s remaining family homes in Stone Canyon, Santa Barbara and Provence, showcasing a personal archive – a treasury of precious memories and design inspiration for generations to come. There is an animistic quality to each page that moves the reader to a place and time so familiar that it can be unnerving. The ancient, cold stone floors of a room curl the toes, making one lust for mohair socks and a cuddle. Each texture and visceral material aids in transporting the reader to a place both nostalgic yet forgotten. It is Rose’s eye that sets her apart from other designers. Refined to a delicate artistry, combined with her ability to merchandise a space and set a scene that welcomes observation and adoration in equal measure. It is no wonder that she is fondly known as the decorator’s decorator.

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